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Macro Lens for SL


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I've just been through the same dilemma.  A friend has an interest in some om my 25 year old Kodachrome slides of India and Ladakh.

My conclusion is that although there are all sorts of solutions using adaptors and old Leica lenses the Sigma 70mm Macro looks to be the best bet and not that expensive.

However that is only part of the problem solved, a light source is needed and some means, such as a copying stand, of very accurately and rigidly supporting the camera.

So I tried using my Epson Perfection V500 Photo scanner and I have to say it does a very good job.  So good in fact that I have abandoned any thoughts of a Macro lens. 

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I posted what follows here. I should add that since posting clifforth has added an extensive, extremely helpful guide to all things scanning by camera. And my Sigma 70 macro arrives tomorrow (for my CL).


Many praise this but it's not in stock for some time


This looks like a very good, maybe even a better, substitute and mine is on its way (it needs a light source, and what is the best light source is a discussion that could fill volumes; but an ipad works well, though not optimally)


But if money is burning a hole in your pocket, these are absolutely beautiful:

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Advertisement (gone after registration)

I constructed this device from parts for Sigma 50mm macro lens.

The slide negative holder attaches to the front of the lens via adaptors and lens hood of suitable length. As the whole unit is rigid it can be used with many light sources including window light or flash.


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2 hours ago, bags27 said:

But if money is burning a hole in your pocket, these are absolutely beautiful:

F*ck me, this is beautiful, but my pocket is not burning that much :) I can try the cheaper solution + iPad, but what bothers me is that I never saw high quality scan vs bad quality scan to compare. Same goes with the print. I think Jay Maisel said "You cannot make a great print, if you never saw a great print". Don't know what to expect.

@pierovitch - congrats! I'm not that skilled nor enthusiastic assembling my own scanner from parts :)

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