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Summilux 50mm pre asph E46 black paint weight?

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Searched online but couldn’t find a definite answer on this. Can anyone help me? 
I am trying to find out if the lux 50mm E46 pre asph (pic below) weights 275g (same as the regular black model) or if it’s heavier? If anyone who has the lens can let me know the exact weight I’d really  appreciate it :) 



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If it's brass made, I think that the lens may weight about 100g more than aluminium "same lens".

I don't have this particular lens, but already three lenses of the same optical cell, but different periods.

I bet that it would weigt more or less as my titanium coated brass Summilux-M 50mm pre-asph. (E46) at 368g without caps,

While my aluminium "same" E46 black lens only 275g nude as Leica stated in brochure.

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2g heavier than my bet, not bad !

in real use, I prefer lighter lens (275g alu black), but the Lux Ti coated is so nice that I do appreciate the feeling of the focus ring smoothness and dumping,

when I use it.

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