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Summilux-M 21 mm f1.4


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I have been looking at this lens and would like to know more about the filter size.  The Leica factsheet sheet says Series Vlll in lens hood.  What is a Series Vlll filter?  Does this mean you cannot use conventional filters?  For my other lenses I use magnetic filters with different size adapter rings from Breakthrough Photography.  The filters are large, I think up to 82mm, but not sure if an adapter ring will fit this lens.

Any advice much appreciated.

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I own the 21mm f/1.4 Leitz lens with the Series VIII lens hood (lens on bottom of attached image).

The diameter of the lens is approximately 65mm. The diameter of the filters is approximately 62mm

The rim of the lens and the lens hood are not made of a magnetic material.

I use a Leitz series 8 circular polarizing filter, a Leitz series 8 ultra violet filter, and a Tiffen series 8 3-stop neutral density filter. The UV and the neutral density have no filter threads. They are held in place by the lens hood. I cannot tell you about the polarizing filter because I cannot find it right now

You probably need to check with Breakthrough Photography to see if they make a series 8 (Series VIII) adapter for their filters.

21mm Lenses by Narsuitus, on Flickr

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