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M10 lense auto detect not working properly, anyone experienced this before?


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Hi everyone, I recently acquired a summicron 35 11882 asph v1 lense, and when I attach it to my m10, the auto lense detect cannot work.

So I brought my m10 to the leica store and did some tests. The summicron 50 (previous version) and 50 apo from the store can be detected, but both my summicron 35 and the summarit 35 in the store cannot be detected. Note all lenses above are 6 bit coded. However the m10 body from the leica store can dectect the lenses 100%. Wonder how does this happen?Is this some a firmware issue or hardware issue? And has anyone fixed the problem before? How much does this cost? Thanks a lot. BTW, my other thread about the dust in the viewfinder, I took the camera to an experienced camera repair shop to have it cleaned, which cost me like 30 USD.

Thanks a lot!

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1. If the detection sensor is clean. it is not unknown for one segment to be broken, giving this effect That means a repair, I suppose your camera is still under guaranty? Consult with your dealer.

2. Leica would have cleaned your viewfinder for you without charge. Still, 30 $ is not too bad for the convenience.

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I had this issue on one of my M10 bodies when I first got it. The Summicron 35mm ASPH would randomly show up as an adapted R lens in the image metadata. I accidentally found out that by flicking the frame lines lever on the body, I could get the lens to register properly. It remained problematic until I had the M10 factory-converted to an M10-P. I have not had the issue since then.

My 2nd M10 which I bought about 5 months after the first one, never experiences any issues with lens registration.

Bud James

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