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3rd Party Inks for a Canon Printer

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I have a Canon IPF5000, I have found Canon has ceased producing inks for this printer and the newer IPF5100. I haven't used the printer in a couple of years because of head problems. I have 2 new heads so it would be the perfect time to change inks. I am wondering if anyone knows of 3rd party inks for this printer from a reputable source. My problem with 3rd party inks is they are generally made to the lowest common denominator ie they are cheap and unpredictable. There are good inks available like from Cone Inc, AKA Ink Jet Mall, but their inks are only for Epson printers and in there words "Do not agree with Canon heads". So I am looking if there are inks that will work in this printer from a similar source. 

My other alternative is to donate the printer to a local maker space and get an Epson P900 (P800s being discontinued).

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Was really thinking of doing that, but B&H and Adorama had them listed as unavailable (well Adorama had a used one for $450 condition: parts). IT Supplies had them for $1100 as did Lexjet. So there went that idea, nothing on the Epson reconditioned page. Heck the one seller on Amazon wanted $2900, and it was a P800 not P8000.

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Still listed in stock as of this post.  Inventory can often change quickly, through any dealer.

And in this case, with the P900 coming out at some point, close out P800 deals (not just Epson rebates) might appear and disappear very quickly.  If one is interested, being persistent making calls to various suppliers could pay off. I bought a 3800 before the 3880 release for $450 under list, with free delivery.


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