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Do L-Mount lens from Sigma or Panasonic work with the original T (typ 701) ?

I use the camera as a backup to my CL with the variety of TL lenses or adapted lenses. I might be looking into a Panasonic for high res-images. The Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 is a favored lens I'm looking at, but there are others I might look at.

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I saw the release of this L-mount lens. It very suitable for my budget. Currently I am using Leica TL with some manual focus lens. Will this lens auto focus compatible with Leica TL? Did you ever try panasonic or sigma lens auto focus on Leica T/TL? Are there any problem?


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I just want to add I bought a 2nd hand Leica T as an "extra" body for my Sigma SA lenses, using the MC-21 SA-L adapter. Well, that didn't work, not even after a firmware update of the adapter. To make sure Sigma lenses would work on the Leica T anyway, I checked a few with L Mount without issues. So the Leica T will accept L Mount lenses, as stated above. Don't expect it to accept L mount adapters though.

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Am 4.7.2020 um 00:11 schrieb MarcW:

...Don't expect it to accept L mount adapters though.

Yes, that's very sad news.
I'd like to adapt my Canon EF Lenses, which I adapt today at my Sony A6300, at my CL.
Unfortunately Sigma doesn't support the MC-21 adapter with Leica bodies.
So I have to keep my Sony for theses lenses further on :( ...

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The adaptation of electronically controlled lenses to non-native-mount bodies is always something of a dicey business unless the original manufacturer of the lenses to be adapted also produces the adapter. All the others have to reverse-engineer the mount and the lens control systems, issues invariably arise with different bodies and lenses. 

This is why I have only used such adaptation with my Olympus FourThirds lenses on Micro-FourThirds bodies. I stick with Leica M and R lenses when adapting them to the SL or CL bodies, and use Leica's own mount adapters for these lenses so as to get the most functionality and compatibility. 

Lenses made for L mount with Leica's opening up of the mount specifications to included manufacturers, like Panasonic and Sigma, should work pretty nicely on all L mount bodies (T, TL, TL2, CL, SL, SL2 and associated Panasonic and Sigma L mount bodies) ... but I do hear of some incompatibilities from time to time. Best to buy with return privileges and test...


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vor 12 Stunden schrieb ramarren:

...All the others have to reverse-engineer the mount and the lens control systems, issues invariably arise with different bodies and lenses...

I have to disagree!
Sigma knows the EF protocol as they are producing lenses for Canon since years!
And the know the L-protocol too.
So it should not be a huge challenge for them to support the MC-21 with Leica too.

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Sigma has never had a license agreement or specification from Canon to the best of my knowledge. Canon's body-lens interaction protocol has always been, and remains, a proprietary specification.

The fact that Sigma managed to figure it out enough to produce products that work with it is a nod to their ingenuity, and to their legal team to steer them through the legal issues of using another company's mounting flange design. This is why when Canon modifies the EF lens protocol in any way, Sigma accessories generally have problems. 

L-mount is a different game, since Leica opened up the specification to trusted (and paid up) partners. But the interaction of driving a Canon lens from L mount remains the same reverse engineering challenge for the EF mount. 

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Maybe it's me, but I don't get how Canon got into this? The L Mount is Leica Sigma Panasonic. so I would expect a "Sigma SA to L Mount" work on the Leica T, but apparently none of the L Mount devices launched before the L Mount Alliance are supported - disappointing, but true. Why would Canon or any other brand be supported at this stage? 

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Canon got into this, because Sigma has done a great job at compatibility with the MC-11; the Sony E-mount adapter for Canon EF and Sigma SA lenses

Sigma has not done the same compatibility level with the Sigma MC-21; the L-Mount adapter for Canon EF and Sigma SA lenses

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    • By nuchun
      Hi. I've just found this forum last night. Nice to meet you all.
      I have LEICA TL2 with 18-56 kit lens. I used LUMIX before so I'm quite new with Leica please suggest me.
      1. My photos with Leica TL2 (auto focus) some are quite soft at focus. Right now, I use spot focus > half press > adjust the composition and press the shutter. Some photo is OK. Some is out of focus. Please suggest me about how I should do with setting autofocus/shutter mode (touch af/spot etc. and AFS or AFC). Is it a must to use manual focus? If you have any technics to share, please teach me.
      2. I'm interested to buy a fixed lens. I prefered the light-weighted and compact lens for travelling and capture everyday's life. I'm comparing between Sigma 30 mm. or Leica TL 23 mm. Which one you guys recommended? I really love the Leica neutral color that I took with 18-56 kit lens (as photo that I attached). Leica lens might be the same result, however, sigma seems easier to use. I'm not sure if I use Sigma lens, it will effect with the color tone or not. If anyone who use TL2 and have these lenses, please post your photos (with neutral color must be very very appreciated). 
      I'm waiting for you all reply.
      Please share what you think and suggest me. 
      Thank you in advance.

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    • By Rob7P
      Maybe the future of the CL and TL2 will be the same sensor of the Sony alpha 7C: compact camera, full frame and 24 MP? 
      There are also rumors of an SL2-S with this specs so it can be the end of the CL and TL lineup?
      Currently I have a T and I'm worried if upgrade to a TL2 for Black Friday or wait.. I will be happy to uprade for the extra megapixels of the TL2 but there are some cons for the fact that with the same sensor the pixels are smaller?
      Happy if anyone can help with my decision 

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    • By dnease
      I recently purchased a Q2 and subsequently decided to sell my T, T2 and lenses. The equipment is without any scratches or blemishes and works flawlessly.
      I got a quote from Adorama and based on that reasonable offer decided to send them my gear. Now they are reducing their offer by a third after having the equipment in their possession.
      I'm waiting to hear back from someone at Adorama after complaining.
      I'm feeling stuck.
      Any recommendations?
    • By nicci78
      After lots of discussion about future of APS-C. How many of you think that the real reason for CL/TL being held back is the lack of native lenses ? 
      A little history :
      - 2014 : T was released with two lenses : 18-56mm f/3.5-5.6 & 23mm f/2.0
      - 2015 : Then two more with 11-23mm f/3.5-4.5 & 55-135mm f/3.5-4.5
      - 2016 : Leica release the only two made in Germany TL lenses : 35mm f/1.4 & macro 60mm f/2.8
      - 2017 : CL was released with 18mm f/2.8 pancake lens  
      Leica were on a good track, 1 or 2 TL lenses per year. But after 2017 ? Nothing happened at all ! 
      We should have 10 to 14 lenses by now. Not 7. 
      Only 1 fast lens. Only a trinity of slow zoom lenses. Only 2 compact prime lenses.
      None of them have OIS. None of the bodies have IBIS. 
      No portrait lens, aka equivalent to fast 85/90mm or 70-200mm f/2.8. 
      No fast wide angle. ex : equivalent to fast 18/21mm. 
      These lens cannot be replaced with any adapted M and R lenses. 
      So what’s the problem here ? Leica may think that APS-C line do not sell well enough. So they stop releasing new lenses  ? It is a kind a vicious cercle. But  no new lens = death of the system. 
      Just like they left the S line died by releasing only bare minimum body upgrade and no new lenses for half a decade. 
      So what do you think about this situation ? 
    • By wingedb11
      Don‘t know how others fell. But just saw that there is a new Firmware for the CL but nothing for the TL2 and this since a while. Communications turn primarily around CL. Is the T-series dead?
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