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I just now happened to stumble upon this essay on the M10 Monochrom which is accompanied by a nice set of sample images. 

In thinking about the concept of a black and white only digital camera in general and about the M10 Monochrom in particular, I was smitten with a thought that I cannot shake free of:  The M 10 Monochrom may well be the pinnacle of the digital M camera. 

It is going to be an awfully hard act to follow.  If anyone can best the M10 Monochrom, it would have to be the gents and ladies of Werzlar.


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    • By gwpics
      Just selected by LFI for their gallery. Leica M7 with 35mm Summarit f2.5 and using Kodak Tri-X lab processed. Permission given by drag artist to photograph.

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    • By gwpics
      It was great to finally be able to get out to my favourite cafe yesterday and drink coffee with a friend I haven't seen since Christmas. I have been having problems with my knee and have found walking almost impossible but thankfully I am just using one stick now.
      This is one image I grabbed whilst sat outside the cafe in the beautiful sunshine
      Leica M240 + 35mm Summarit f2.5

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    • By ChrisGA
      Erfahrung und Meinung gefragt zu meiner Ausrüstung
      mein Name ist Chris, habe mich an anderer Stelle bereits vorgestellt.
      Zu Leica gekommen bin ich über die Leica Q, vorher hatte ich eine Fuji und davor eine Canon-Ausrüstung.
      Mittlerweile hat sich hier folgende Ausrüstung angesammelt, die ich nun gerne auf das Nötigste zusammen streichen möchte. Da ich mich überhaupt nicht entscheiden kann, suche ich neue Impulse. 
      Was fotografiere ich?
      - Natur, auch mal Makro (mit Q2 oder M-Zwischenring), Menschen, auch mal Street, Reise, Hunde, Autos, auch mal Portrait-Serien, Familien-Portraits. Selten Stativ aber gerne low light, nie Blitz
      Kameras in der Reihenfolge der häufigsten Verwendung:
      - SL mit M auf L-Adapter
      - M9 Monochrom (behalte ich auf jeden Fall, M10 brauche ich nicht, hatte ich bis vor Kurzem)
      - Q2 
      Objektive in der Reihenfolge der häufigsten Verwendung:
      - 50 mm Summilux Version I, 1966
      - 35 mm Summilux Version I, 1967 (Verwendung an der SL eingeschränkt... verstärkte Vignettierung)
      - 21 mm Voigtländer F1,4
      - 50 mm Summicron, 2000
      - 35 mm asph. Summicron 2002
      - 90 mm Elmarit F2,8 (gerne gezielt bei Portrait)
      Welche Begehrlichkeiten gibt es? 
      - SL2-S
      aber brauchen tue ich die nicht zwingend. Glaube nicht, das ich damit bessere Bilder mache. Es reizt gegenüber der SL der IBIS und das noch bessere Rauschverhalten sowie das viiiiel bessere Fokus-Peaking....  Da ich die Sl für 1500,- Euro gekauft habe, würde ich seeehr viel für diese Reize zahlen.
      Hat jemand spontan einen Impuls, Ideen, die mit weniger Objektiven. Eine Überlegung war schon mal auf neuere Summiluxe umzustellen und dafür aller 35er und 50 er zu veräußern. Sind die neueren Summiluxe bei F2 oder F2,8 so scharf wie die Summicrone? Die älteren sind das erst bei F4 und dass ist mir dann schon zu wenig Licht und/oder Freistellung.
      Danke für Eure Impulse ich bin gespannt.
      Viele Grüße
    • By gwpics
      When I was a young child my summers were spent walking the 600 or so metres from my home to the nearby river to play in its clear waters. Now close on 70 years later this image reminds me so much of those happy days. That is the power of photography.
      Leica M6 + 50mm Summicron f2 - Kodak T400CN film - ©1997

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    • By bernabei
      Hi everyone,
      I'll be moving away from my 12 year old Canon body and wanted a camera to use everyday. Given this requirement, I was keen on checking out the M10 with a 35 summicron. I recently tried this setup at a Leica store and really liked the compact RF setup. As an everyday camera, size/weight is definitely really important and this is one area the M system shines. However, I can't quite get over the fact that the skill set of the M is a little limited. A mirrorless camera will allow me to also dabble in the limited landscape/wildlife stuff I do whenever I travel. The SL2 S seems to be a camera which can do most things pretty well though it may not be the best as a camera to use during general day to day stuff. In the future (say in 1-3 years), I see myself having an M and a mirrorless due to their vastly different abilities but right now, I need to think about where to start. I think that a practical approach would be to start with a SL2 S and use an M 35 summicron with it. This would not be too large a setup and the SL system would allow me to use some other lenses for landscape or wildlife as the need arises. I've heard that the BSI sensor on the SL2 S is also really good and it would really excel in many scenarios. In a while (maybe when the M11 launches?), I could potentially get an M body and thereby have the best of both worlds. But as it stands today, I need to decide between the M10 + 35 summicron vs SL2 S + M 35 summicron and would love to hear your thoughts (both options are around 8k-9k USD). Any other suggestions are also welcome.
      I haven't used the SL2 S but how does it behave as an EDC with small M glass? Even if the size isn't too much more, does the extra weight (930 gms vs 660 gms for the M10) pose challenges? Is the M10 sensor dated now and am I better off waiting for a bit?
      Please let me know what you think!
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