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Can a Leica SF24D flash be used/tested on a DSLR, without frying the camera’s electronics?

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I picked up a Leica SF24D flash recently to use with my M6TTL. I was thinking about testing it with my Canon EOS R dslr and using its screen to get familiar with the flash without wasting film (I don’t mind if it will only work using Manual mode on the flash). 


I think I remember hearing years ago something about TTL flashes not pairing well with some newer “more-electronic” cameras’ hot shoes and possibly frying the camera’s electronics — though my memory’s extremely foggy on that. 


Does anyone have any experience using the SF24D on a dslr of any make/model and/or on any digital Leica body? 


Would covering the flash’s 3 “TTL connector pins” on its hot shoe with electrical tape (while leaving the main center pin uncovered) be necessary or safer?


Apologies in advance if this is a dumb question.

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The SF24D is not a high-voltage flash. I think the last one of those was made about fifty years ago. I fail to see what you wish to accomplish. About the only function you can test on a non-Leica body is the on-off switch.

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23 minutes ago, jaapv said:

The SF24D is not a high-voltage flash. I think the last one of those was made about fifty years ago. I fail to see what you wish to accomplish. About the only function you can test on a non-Leica body is the on-off switch.

Hey thanks, I might’ve missed that bit of info while doing my initial dig - Do Leica flashes only work with Leica bodies, even when the flash is in Manual mode? Does the center pin not fire the flash like most other hotshoe flashes? Would covering up the 3 TTL connector pins with electrical tape not effectively turn it into a generic hotshoe flash that would work with a non-Leica body?

I understand that at least TTL and Auto mode won’t work on a non-Leica body, but I was hoping to use the flash in Manual solely to familiarize myself with it using different focal lengths and test its effectiveness shooting subjects at varying distances and also test the flash’s modifiers (like the wide angle adapter) to fully understand the unit so I can shoot it on my M6TTL confidently right from the get go.

I shoot mostly color neg film and process through a lab and I’d rather not spend lab fees for what will just amount to a bunch of ugly test shots only meant to familiarize myself with exposure and distance using the flash.

Ideally, I’d just use a digital Leica body and look at its screen, but I don’t own one and don’t want to spend on a rental just for this.

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