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Hey everyone, 

I just got my m2 off ebay and had a look through the viewfinder only to see 2 main very noticeable spots. I attached a picture and the one on the lower left looks much dimmer and looks like a dot and a hair almost? It's kind of light greyish and I think it's a particle or dust but I'm not quite sure. However, in the middle the speck seems much darker (basically black) and more prominent. Could this be separation or is it another speckle of dust (imo it doesn't seem like one). If this has happened to you or you know what it is, any input on how to fix or your thoughts would would be greatly appreciated! 

Also the shutter curtain on the front seems a little pushed forward and I can see the whole seam on it, is that normal? The curtain works 100% fine but I'm not sure if Im supposed to see the whole seam and overlap of the two curtains. On the back it stays slightly open by 1mm or so (didn't include a pic sorry)... should it cause a light leak? The camera was also recently CLA'd.

Lastly, the viewfinder has some "gold specks" which I think is separation, but I hope i'm wrong.  

Please help if you can clarify, recommend a fix, or give any thoughts on ^^. Overall the camera seems amazing and none of the things I mentioned has really bothered me, but if I can learn more about them then it would be great.

Thanks in advance, 


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The shutter curtain is probably fine = I've used Leicas with the same condition without problems.

The VF should be clear if it just had a "proper" CLA. It doesn't look like separation to me, but would require some disassembly to clean it up - likely cost like a proper CLA.

Unless the price was exceptionally low I'd try to return it, or ask the seller for partial refund to cover the cost of a real CLA.

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Rangefinder patch has dust or flakes of debris, not separation.  Separation of the rangefinder patch glass sandwich looks like it is covered in tiny hairs.  My M4 had this, and was repaired.

The golden bubbles in the viewfinder window are Canadian balsam bubbling around the edge of the prism. My M2 has the same, and it is not separation. 

As Tom said, a proper CLA should sort the debris and shutter out. Bear in mind the debris may or may not be accessible in the rangefinder mechanism, and therefore could remain in whole or part after cleaning. Just how it is. 

Good luck and enjoy your M2 (best Leica ever made IMHO) :)


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