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You naughty boy, you turned it in portrait mode and made in landscape, isn’t it? 

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thank you otto and newnew for your feedback. 🙏


@ otto  yes and no at the same time. 😉
It's a top-to-bottom shot. There isn't really a landscape or portrait mode. 🙂 🙃
I took the photo with the intention of showing it in portrait mode.

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The title of this thread prompted me to scan these (modern) prints. Taken in February 1977 with my M3 and 35mm goggles Summaron.

I remember that the musicians picture was snatched through an open window at about 15th sec, must have been with the 50mm Summicron as I remember it was at f2.

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Hello Pyrogallol

I recognized the Place du Tertre in Montmartre, but I didn't recognize the street.

Do you remember which one it is?

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    • By CLW_LA
      I am new to Leica and this forum so apologies if this question has been addressed before. 
      I am shooting on an M10-P w/ most current firmware updated. The question I have is when I shoot on the Elmarit 100mm APO Macro lens, the camera will not focus peak. I am using the lens with the Leica R Adapter M on the M10-P since its obviously an R mount lens. All of the other lenses don't have this problem. Is this a "live with it" problem?
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      Horizon from the Digue des Alliés
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      Capture One 20  does not appear to support the M 10-P (or -D).  My guess now is that they never will. I twice asked their tech support about supporting the M10-P. the response always was that they would “put it on the request list.” But It’s their policy not to tell users anything about upcoming features or camera support. 
      I have been using the Generic DNG profile. This works, but has several annoying inconveniences. Has anyone created an M10-P  profile that works better than the Generic?
      I’m also now forced to consider switching to another Raw processor.  I have happily used Capture One for 12 years. But if they are not going to support my camera, why should I pay for upgrades? What are good alternatives? Other than anything by Adobe – I refuse to have my work held hostage to my paying a rental fee every month for the rest of my life.
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      I’m new to photography and to Leica.
      I just got a M10p and I’m a little intimidated. I still don’t have a lens yet (getting by next week)
      The quick start instructions labels the large, main setting wheel as the “Shutter Speed Setting Wheel”.  And the other wheel as the “ISO Setting wheel”  
      How & where do you set the Aperture? 
      Please post anything you think may be useful to a beginner about using the M10p!
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