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Camera bag (again and again)


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1 hour ago, ontick said:

Hi Jeff, The 2020 Pro was a nice addition to the bag line. I wish they'd develop an accessory trolly strap for the Hadley Pro. 

The 2020 Pro I referred to IS the Hadley Pro, and it has the trolley strap as well as some other features that debuted with the Hadley One.


I own the older Hadley Pro version, and tried the Hadley One as a bigger bag to hold my SL2 kit, including the 90-280, but it was not large enough.  But I was impressed with the bag... and the flexible half/full inserts.


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Another bag I bought about 2 years (?) ago is this one, though at that time I did not have my Leicas: https://www.peakdesign.com/products/everyday-tote-v1

It looks like a shopping bag, you can hang the bag over your shoulder (but also carry the bag as a backpack) and the inner part offers flexibly arrangeable separators. Accessible via the top but also from the side. M10 + some lenses should easily fit.

It‘s a kind of secret camera bag... 😉

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Only bag I used back in the day when I was a Leica shooter was the Domke F-5XB.  If the gear I was thinking of taking wouldn't fit in there, then I knew I was carrying too much stuff! :)  Now that I'm back in the Leica fold after 15 non Leica years I still have that Domke bag and I figure it will still work as well now as it did then!  

It can carry the M10 with a lens mounted and two other lenses plus a few small items.  I found long ago that for me, the larger the bag, the more items I "automatically" put in it...mostly stuff I never used! ;)  

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  • 3 weeks later...

Advertisement (gone after registration)

In a separate thread I showed how I jammed an M10 and two spare lenses in an old GaraGear pouch.

I thought someone would come up with a better minimalist solution and Bellingham was of course mentioned. But they thought the pouches were too small.

That would be true if my lens kit had bigger diameters.

Turns out for times when I don't just want the camera in my hand or over a shoulder and the two spare lenses in my pocket, Bellingham pouches work well.

The Billingham Avea pouches 3 and 5 give me very good flexibility. As others have noted, the belt straps are made more for hanging on your larger Billingham bag, They are adequate on my belt. Some have said they are too small so I have superimposed the images of camera and lenses onto the bags.I should add that I prefer using the lens coupler not just for compactness, but to avoid the lower lens getting lost down the Avea 3 pouch. A spare battery fits in the Avea 5 very easily, but is not shown. I rarely bring lens hoods, which would be an issue.

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Ok, my pursuit of a small easy to use bag has brought me to using a YETI large bottle sling.  It holds an M with smaller lenses, and even an extra lens below. My 90mm macro fits easily. Sure it’s open at the top, but that makes for easy fast access. No one thinks you are carrying a camera bag. $40.

I thought of this after considering a rock climbers chalk bag, but this works better as it has a shoulder strap.



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On 3/13/2020 at 1:27 AM, Schittra said:

How do you like Wotancraft Ryker? It looks so cool :) I like how it looks. I don't like the zip, afraid to scratch the camera. It also has many metal parts, which might be heavy. I don't feel it heavy when I tried at the store. Maybe because I like its look too much. :) 

I have one, the zip is plastic, and very much out of the way of camera, so no trouble there. The magnetic closures are great as long as you don’t wear a mechanical watch . . Which is why I’m selling mine!

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I’ve tried so many different bags, but in the end I always go back to Fogg

Two favorites are The Last Waltz

and the new Satchmo leather


What I really like about them is that they make them themselves (rather than using some sweatshop somewhere). I wrote a small piece on Fogg if anyone is interested:

It’s mostly in their own words


All the best

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2 hours ago, Herr Barnack said:

I am looking at both Fogg and Oberwerth bags - both seem to be equal in quality and design, but with a different "vibe," for lack of a better term.

Any thoughts on Fogg vs. Oberwerth?  Are there any real differences other than in style and aesthetics?


I have no experience with Oberwerth but have at least 6 Fogg satchels and larger bags and are now the only bags I use.  I have many Billinghams and have tried A&A as well as other messenger type bags with inserts.  Notwithstanding the high quality of construction/materials, delicate but pleasing aesthetics with a feel that Fogg bags will last and age well, the one main reason is the ability to protect my Leicas very well but not feel bulky at all.  The protective padding is sewn into the sides of the satchels, minimizing thickness and give confidence of protection.  The compartments are also very well thought out and can hold everything I need as well as an iPad, making it a perfect carry on when I still flew.  Other bags such as the Billinghams do as well but they have so much more padding thickness which I feel is unnecessary.   

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On 3/16/2020 at 4:25 AM, Jeff S said:

Indeed, I use a Hadley Pro for carrying more and bigger gear, e.g., SL2 and zoom, etc...but prefer using either my Fogg b-laika or lyre bags for a smaller M set. My Foggs are well worn, all black, and smaller iterations from over 20 years ago.  The lyre is fine for just body and lens, with room for another lens or two, if needed, while the b-laika is perfect for my M10 and MM1, each with lens mounted.  I'm not sure I'd pay the bucks for a current Fogg bag, though, as prices have soared compared to my purchases long ago, and I think they might have stopped producing the totally black versions (now grayish).  


I now have a Fogg soprano in black canvas and leather (to replace the Fogg flute, which was too small for the CL+35TL). I have nothing to compare it with, but it looks pretty black to me. It's not for pet owners - that colour shows up dust and hairs.

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On 3/12/2020 at 2:57 AM, Schittra said:

I know this will be too boring topic. But bags are always coming. I just want to update my experience when I am more serious in photography again from August 2019. Then I can hear some feedback or thought or insight too.
Here are the bags that I currently use.

  1. Wotancraft Trooper M – most used bag for 2 M10 with lenses (and can fit one or two more lenses). I can use as travel bag to fit one computer laptop too.
  2. Wotancraft Trooper S – second most used bag when I carry one M10 with lens (and can put one or two more lenses)
  3. Wandrd Prvke 21L – two M10 or one M10 with Q with 3-4 lenses and walking around the whole day or want to be gadget crazy day 😊 I also use it as day-pack with one M10/Q with bunch of stuffs.

Other bags I bought and no longer with me…

  1. ONA A Bowery Canvas – I used it with Q before. Now my daughter likes it more and use it for her Sony RX10. She starts to use it for Q many times these days.
  2. ONA Brixton Leather – I used it for a week (similar usage to Wotancraft Trooper M). But it’s damn heavy. Already sold it.

What are your bags?
Thank you.

Ironically I use a brand new Fuji bag for my Leica gear:


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Just caught this topic, and not surprised to see so many recommendations for Billingham bags, which I loathe. I'm all in favour of Domke. The ones I use are the F-5xb, the F-6 and the F-1. They are great, because they're a) super discreet, b) Tardis-like in the way they swallow gear, c) good value, and d) not for swank pots.

Good luck finding your ideal match. I often think camera bags need a kind of 'Tinder' app of their own. There is no perfect partner for all, it's a case of different strokes for different folks!

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This is mine. It's an OK bag, the leather is nice feeling, not too heavy, but not good for carrying a lot of stuff. Just an M with a few lenses, batteries, cards, and so forth.


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