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Studio and SL2

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I’m looking for your help to build a studio setup for the SL2. Hopefully this is the right place in the forum for this.

I want to go for a phased approach, first continuous LED (2 lights), next add flash (2, with TTL and HSS). As I have to go to locations as well all have to be portable. It would be great to be able to exchange accessories(softbox, snoot,..), but I don’t have experience with this.

Do you have recommendations? Preferably not top-end but a functional approach.

Best regards


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What do you mean by portable? I have previously assembled a basic kit to carry by bike: two lightweight Manfrotto stands (that clip together), two 1m collapsible brollies and two Godox AD200 flashes. Including radio trigger and camera (SL) these all fit in a Lowepro backpack with the stands strapped externally. Softboxes don't collapse that small, and require bulky flash rings, hence I take brollies for portability.

If I'm travelling by car, of course I can carry more stuff, such as a backdrop cloth and frame, or softboxes instead of brollies. I have a 7x6foot Lastolite HiLite which is awkward to transport (and fold up), but with an extra flash inside it makes either a great backdrop or massive softbox for a popup studio.

I have never had the need for TTL. TTL can't decide your balance for you with multiple light sources, so I prefer to use manual control to get the balance right, checking exposure either by trial and error or with a Sekonic flash meter. Almost all my portable studio work is static and indoor, so HSS has never been a requirement. Nor do I use continuous LEDs. If they produce enough light they are uncomfortable for models to have shining in their faces continuously. It's a while since I considered these, though, so perhaps there are ways of dealing with this now.

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Hello Marc

Most of what you mention would apply to most cameras. It is not unique to the SL2. If you want TTL and HSS then only the Leica branded flashes would make that possible. Those don’t have the options to add snoots etc and really don’t have the power you would mostly need for studio. But those functions are really not used in studio. I have no experience with any the the continuous led systems.
On the SL2 specifically, I am finding the advanced focus and exposure control features excellent in comparison to my S.

I use full sized flashes and accessories from Elinchrom but you have to consider how portable you need. They do have a couple of battery powered more portable flashes with a range of down sized accessories. Remember that you aren’t using any metering by the camera, just synchronising with the flashes.

i would suggest looking at the Profoto range as well. Again no TTL is possible.

Westcott market a range of portable background system called X Drop you might consider.



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