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M10, M240, M262 or stay with Leica CL

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Hi all! 


Apologies in advance for the length of this post! 


I was wondering if you all are able to give me some advice or words of wisdom on whether I should get a Rangefinder Leica. 


At the moment I’m currently using and enjoying my Leica CL & 23mm f2 Summicron. Purchased in Oct 2018. I absolutely love shooting with the CL and for me it was the upgrade I was always wanting. I even adapt some rare and unique vintage m42 lenses to it and get some amazing results. 


Now I’m no professional photographer, just a hobby shooter but the Leica CL I have had really developed my love and passion for photography. At the time of purchasing the CL I was using a Nikon D7500 which I still have (but never use) so for me, at the time the CL was the next step up, and I never thought of going for a rangefinder (couldn’t afford the m10 and lenses anyway lol). 


But now having visited the Sydney Leica store on many occasions to try out the M10 and the rangefinder systems, I’ve grown more interest for a Rangefinder. 


I’m interested in the M240, maybe the M262. I like the appeal of a brassing body though (a bit of individualism I’d say). But honestly I’m not sure which system to go for (and I don’t have the money for a new M10). 


What are the PROS and CONS for each system? What makes you want to stay with that system? (if you have one) what would you recommend I do or go for? 


Now I’ve done heaps of research and reviews on both systems but I really want to hear from everyday people who use them. 



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Wait six months and the market will be awash with used M10s once the M10-R ( with the 40Mpixel M10M sensor } arrives on the market .

The refined handling and the thinner M10 body, same feel as film M, is worth it. Many M9 users skipped the M.240 and M.262.

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If you do not have M-lenses already, I would stay with the CL. Otherwise you could have a look at the Leica SL (nice priced in the used market). The rangefinder technology has some disadvantages.

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The rangefinder is my preferred camera because of the experience of seeing with the M viewfinder coupled (no pun intended) with rangefinder focusing. The latter takes some practice but is fun and easy enough to develop speed and accuracy in focusing. I have used and will continue to use other cameras (X Vario) that have the LCD or  EVF but for me it is not the same experience. I seem to draw an inspiration from the "seeing" experience that the M offers. 

The CL from what I have seen and system is really more than adequate so I agree that you are best to stay put with that unless you want to invest further.  I was recently  impressed playing with the SL2 and it's finder but the whole camera is unwieldy-large for me. I see Leica in large part (going back to early Leicas I had) about compactness. The new CL builds on that in a way that the other cameras do not.

Leica M262 cameras can be had for $2800-3300 lightly used and you're off! ...to buy more glass ;)


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