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Does m6 ISO door interchangeable with MP?


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On 5/24/2022 at 2:26 AM, Studienkamera said:

@Laidley, did you ever get an answer from Leica NJ? This question has come up again recently on this forum and it would be good to a get a definitive answer. 

@Studienkamera Sorry I've been mia on the boards for a bit.  To answer your question I never did get an answer.  Since its really just a cosmetic thing for me it really wasn't on the top of my bin and I actually ended up selling the MP to Andrew Wagner a month or two later.

The answer below seems to be what we were all wanting to know.

On 5/24/2022 at 3:20 AM, 250swb said:

The EV range of the M6 (the one where you can't get the meter repaired) is EV0 to EV20, and it uses two triangles in the display. When the M6TTL (the one that can still be repaired) was introduced the EV went up to EV-2 to EV20 and the display uses two triangles and a dot between them. So it's not even the same metering circuit between the M6 and M6TTL. The early MP, according to my manual has and EV range of EV-2 to EV20, so the same as the TTL, plus the same display. This is the same as Leica's published data (2006) for the MP after they changed the dial from the M6 style of dial. So when the camera repairer says the meter for the M6 can't be repaired they literally mean the M6, not M6TTL or MP early dial or MP late dial. 


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