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Q in camera raw develop?

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Hey guys,


I'm still adjusting to the Q and I'm loving it, but I was wondering, does the Q have an in camera raw converter? I would love to incorporate my old work flow I used on my GRII. In camera B&W adjustment or tweaking the contrast, etc by shooting DNG. I hate LR and tweak my photos on my iPhone.



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Set your file format to jpg fine and the camera will convert. If you use DNG the camera will not convert. DNMG is not an image format. It is a container for the raw data. You can also use DNG+JPG.
Processing jpgs on an iPhone appears to me to be a considerable waste of investment. There are many more affordable cameras that would give results that are as good, probably better, at 1/10th of the price.

You are not wedded to Lightroom, there are plenty of other simple postprocessing programs that work just fine. For instance, use ON1 in preset mode.

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