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Hello everyone!

I'm new to the leica film cameras but I came up a rather very nice iiif in great condition which comes with a summarit 50mm f1.5 going for about $550. This sounded like a pretty good deal to me, however, upon closer inspection the lens seemed to have a lot of haze (not sure about fungus) as when I performed the light test there were specks everywhere. It seemed to be internal and in the second glass?? Not sure how to fix it or if I even can, also the focus ring was pretty stiff (but that isn't a deal breaker or anything). Like I said, the body of the camera was in very good condition however the lens is my biggest concern. As most of you are owners/experts and such please help me out and let me know if this is a good deal or not. 

Thanks, Ashley

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You'll have to decide yourself whether you consider this a good deal or not, but a body that "is in great condition" (to me it sounds like "looks nice but needs a CLA" (say, 350$)) and a lens the may be, or not be - but then it will need expert attention (say another few hundred $$) - a write-off, sounds like a gamble to me. There are plenty of good iiif cameras and Summarits out there from trusted sellers that are less problematic, even if they appear to be a bit more expensive up front.

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Optical cell is more or less fully closed, isolated from environmental influence with one exception and this is aperture. Aperture Ring is greased and especially grease used late fiftieth early sixties has a tendency to evaporate and to deposit on glass close to aperture blades. In case of Summarit it would be between 3rd and 4th element. Very often opening the lens allow to clean the fog completely, however sometimes the vapor destroyed the coating and the only one way to make the lens usable is to remove the coating.

the specs which you observe could be black paint used to paint the edges of the glass, it falls off sometimes. Or it could be as well air bubbles when glass for the lenses was melted. This is normal for lenses from older production and does not have effect on the quality. Small bubbles are seen as black, bigger as black ring transparent inside. 
and stiff focusing ring is not a big problem, CLA.

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Of course, fully agree with Jerzy. On top of that, please have in mind that the good external condition means that probably the internals haven't suffered a lot, but usually also means little usage, so as mentioned by Jaapv it would probably need a CLA (specially for renewal of the greases and check/adjust speeds).

The good news are that once CLA'd you'll have camera for another 50-60 years :)

Best regards,


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Given that the lens is your major concern, I speak of it, as an owner of 2 Summarit 1,5 which are in rather different conditions

the "younger" - BM - is hazy - focus not smooth - and f/stop ring not so fine-clicking  (bought lot of years ago for few money)

the "older" - SM - is in a much better shape, glass clean, focus smooth, just a little misalignement of f stop ring, but with good clickings

And working with the second is a pleasure , while the first one... today is an honest paperweight : Summarit 1,5 is a someway critical lens to use (at 1,5 or 2) and  if you cannot focus comfortably that's annoying  (is not like working with an Elmar) ; I think that it can be restored, but that must be a very professional job, because is a complex / heavy / tight-tolerancing item :  in my opinion, in your mind you ought to think that the Summarit, can be accounted for a value in the range of 150$... and should you find a GOOD lab who can restore it for 300$ or so… it can be Worth.

Btw : Summarit is a lens for which a hood is a nice to have in several situations… and the hood isn't so easy to find… :huh:


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