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2020 Die erste Leica gebrauchte Q oder doch Q2??


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vor einer Stunde schrieb Mefty:

Habe ich auch gehört.

Ich habe das jetzt mal mit tape gemacht.

Ob es hilft? Keine Ahnung.

Schaden tut es allerdings, solange man nicht filmt und Ton braucht, auch nicht.

Im internationalen Forum gab es dazu vor einem Jahr (19.09.19) folgende Information ("shroud" = Kragen):

"Also, here's what Leica said about the Q. Interesting they seem to think the  battery/SD card area is probably the weak link for dust ingress, rather than mic hole etc....

"The newer seal is an upgrade to help prevent the dust getting to the sensor but it has never been part of a recall as the number of cameras with the dust problems is still very small.

David will fit a ‘shroud’ around the sensor, so hopefully it will never suffer from dust again. This is a modification from Germany, and it was introduced about 18 months after the camera was released.
The Q body is quite well sealed but the most likely way for dust to enter the Leica Q is via the battery and SD card areas.
The later built cameras had an extra sensor gasket seal fitted and we retro fit these when repairs are carried out. It is this seal that stops the problem from re-occurring not the application of tape over an already well sealed mic."
Demnach würde es nur relativ wenig bringen, das Mikro abzukleben. Vorsicht beim Wechseln von Batterie oder SD-Karte wäre eher angebracht. Ich hatte bisher mit meiner Q (gekauft im Dezember 2017) noch keine Probleme.
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