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Hello, first post on here.  Ive been getting more and more into film over the past couple of years.  I just got an M7 with with a 35 Summilux ASPH a month or two ago.  Ive put a few rolls through it and just wanted some opinions on whether the grain looks as it should?  Some are a lot less grainy than others, although some are surprisingly grainy in my eyes.  I'll upload some of the really grainy ones first followed by the ones that look better.  I use a contax T2 a lot, so maybe I'm judging it too much based off how crisp that camera shoots.  All of these were shot on Portra 400 and scanned by (what I have been told are) good labs.  Let me know what you think.  Also, first time using Flickr to share photos, since the resolution was too high to upload them here directly, so hopefully it works.  Thanks for your input.











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Correct exposure will give normal grain for the film, under exposure will give more grain. So while the scans even out the exposure of the image, they are probably correcting some under exposures if you are getting variations in grain on the same roll.

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