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Only speaking from past experience. The records had been kept for years in a storage room in the old circular Admin Building across from the old factory in Wetzlar. Jim Lager has pictures of the room and the storage cabinets there. This goes back to the 80's. Before that, who know where they were. Camera production was at the Hausertor Werke for many years, so I would imagine the delivery records were kept there at some point. When the company moved to Solms from Wetzlar, who knows where they were. And again, after the move from Solms to Leitz Park. We are lucky they were saved. In my visit to the Archive last May, we were able to look at many delivery books. Including some very early ones from the 20's. They were not in great shape simply due to their age.

Before the opening of Leitz Park III, the materials in the Archive were kept in a warehouse in the Wetzlar area. I again thank Dr. Kaufmann for making the effort to preserve this history. Hopefully, things are now heading in the right direction after a year being wasted by the Monika Bock situation.

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50 minutes ago, derleicaman said:

after a year being wasted by the Monika Bock situation.

I must admit I wasn't very impressed when I met her, but someone obviously appointed her. Without getting personal, can you expand on the "situation". I would like to meet Gunther as I have his books - maybe an excuse for a trip!

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