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The presence of S users and S hashtags is much lower compared to other Leica camera systems, It's a good idea to strengthen the online presence of the S system knowing the new S3 will be released this year. 

@milanswolfsphotography is my Instagram

Please send a link to your instagram profile to follow each other and also respect the use of hashtags on instagram these once i could find:

  • #leicas007
  • #leicas006
  • #leicas2
  • #leicas3 (coming soon)
  • #leicasphotography
  • #leicasmagazine 
  • #superelmars24
  • #summarits24
  • #elmarits30
  • #summarits35
  • #elmarits45
  • #summarits70
  • #summicrons100
  • #apomacrosummarits120 / #summarits120
  • #tsapoelmars120
  • #apoelmars180
  • #varioelmars3090


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I think this is probably for two reasons.

1. There are far fewer S cameras than any of the other systems.

2. The kind of people shooting S cameras are generally more serious about their photography and I think many (myself included) feel that sharing this kind of information takes the emphasis away from the pictures and onto the gear. I know that personally, I generally do not refer to my cameras at all on instagram. I came late to instagram, don't do any hash tags and am followed really only by friends and people in the contemporary photography community. It might be interesting to have a more gear focused account (obviously I like it, as I am on here all the time), but I feel putting it into my professional account would have a negative impact on my art career side.

But, if you are still interested, the photos are here. They are a mix of everything though. https://www.instagram.com/stuartrichardsonphotography/

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Should they have to? Instagram is just another medium, I just post whatever I want to share there.

Oh and BTW, I think I can see a difference between a photo taken with a smart device or with a serious camera. Not always of course, but there often is a visible difference in image quality, even at that small size.

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I post a lot of Leica S007 pics with S glass and Hasselblad HC glass. I also post SL and Q pics. There are some Canon shots, and I am currently posting old scanned stuff from Minolta, Nikon, Canon, and Leica Minilux. I do list the camera and lens info.


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I shoot with several different cameras, including an S3, but I never mention the gear on Instagram or my web. I don't think the viewers are interested and I would see it as gear-snobbery typical for amateurs. I don't care which camera or lens I used, as long as the picture works. In my own mind, I am far more preoccupied with production (location, casting, styling, hair, make-up and lighting) and with capturing emotions and energy in my pictures. I sometimes share info about my inspiration or location because that can clarify the image to someone who is not aware of the various cultural references.




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Albireo_double,   I couldn't agree with you more.  Many photographers seem to forget, it is the content of the photograph that is most important.  Over my 40+ years of photography, I found it is the content and rendering of such, that makes the viewer; Stop, Look, Think and if possible Feel something about that moment in time...is the difference between a mere photo and that of a superb photograph...not the make, model or brand of camera or lens.  r/ Mark  

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