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Will FOTOS facilitate file downloads to a Macbook Pro as well as a phone or tablet?

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8 hours ago, scott kirkpatrick said:

I do shoot photos for others, but they only get to see what I am satisfied with.  All sorts of control is possible, even in the cloud.  

Sorry Scott, it's simply not true. (You talk about theoretical possibilities to control the data, but in reality it is not in your control).
We all know that the NSA has access to all data that is up or downloaded. (The involved companies have actually had to sign a commitment, that they give them access to all data. ) And if the NSA has access, then probably also other similar organizations in Russia, China or probably also Israel.
Maybe if you put the data into a cloud situated in a completely independant country like Switzerland, then it could theoretically be inaccessible to others. (But probably it is still not, because the routers etc. are also controlled by other organizations. At least it is difficult.)
The only way to restrict access is to keep it locally in your camera or local storage and avoid all transfer across the internet (keep it completely offline). (With enough time even heavily encoded data is easily broken by brute force.) (if the data is long enough)
(And as I already mentioned, I think local storage is also by far the most energy efficient way to store it. But if you find a study that shows otherwise I would easily change my mind.)

Ask a company which has valuable company secrets like engineering plans or patents (before they are published), chemical production formulas, or (a prominent example) plans for windenergy generators. It is well known that these "secrets" were often stolen and given/sold to "allies".

So the data (photos etc.) is maybe not valuable enough and therefore not interesting, but it is not safe.

The question is, what do I win when I put everything into the cloud, and what do I lose (I am actually more concerned with the energy waste on a global scale than with keeping my secrets).

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Stolen secrets are most commonly taken by members of staff rather than secret police.

Server farms could use more efficiently generated electricity and cooling than is available to a domestic user. I have no idea if they are greener though.

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It’s not about the efficiency of storage, it’s about the cost (energy used, infrastructure to be installed and maintained) of transfer (especially wireless). The time to transfer it back and forth is actually also a cost factor for large amounts of data.   Local storage needs usually no cooling at all, access is more or less immediate, this I call efficient.

An easy example, that most of us know: What is more efficient ? To download a piece of music every time you want to hear it from YouTube (including video), or to transfer it once and store it on ssd ?   It looks as if the multiple transfer is free, but only because YouTube pays for the infrastructure and energy. And we pay by accepting the adds and giving away information that YouTube sells.   Look at their yearly report to see how much this costs.

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