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collapsible viewfinder ?

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You can fold the front and rear parts, so it gets very flat. With good glass they are really good - though some of them are extremely rare and expensive.

There were different ones for different focal lengthes from 35mm to 135mm all with their proper codes names. One Example here and more of them in the Wiki:


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I was not right that the folding finders were for all focal lengthes between 35 and 135mm.

There was only the SUOOQ for 2.8cm, which is bigger, the SAIOO for 7.3cm, the SEROO for 9cm and the SYEOO for 13.5cm which all look like the item on your photo. The SIZOO for 10.5cm was mentioned in a catalogue, but it Is unclear if it was ever sold. 


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I had a look to my photo-archives, and selected the following images :

- The first depicts the three basic "foldables" : SAIOO for 7,3cm, SEROO for 9cm and SYEOO for 13,5cm.

- The second one shows the SAIOO opoen, with its leather case.

- On the third picture, the SEROO folded and its original cardboard red box.

- And the two last ones illustrate the black and chrome versions of the SUOOQ for 2,8cm, which is foldable, but of a different type, less "flat"   when folded.

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    • By ashley12234
      Hey everyone, 
      I just got my m2 off ebay and had a look through the viewfinder only to see 2 main very noticeable spots. I attached a picture and the one on the lower left looks much dimmer and looks like a dot and a hair almost? It's kind of light greyish and I think it's a particle or dust but I'm not quite sure. However, in the middle the speck seems much darker (basically black) and more prominent. Could this be separation or is it another speckle of dust (imo it doesn't seem like one). If this has happened to you or you know what it is, any input on how to fix or your thoughts would would be greatly appreciated! 
      Also the shutter curtain on the front seems a little pushed forward and I can see the whole seam on it, is that normal? The curtain works 100% fine but I'm not sure if Im supposed to see the whole seam and overlap of the two curtains. On the back it stays slightly open by 1mm or so (didn't include a pic sorry)... should it cause a light leak? The camera was also recently CLA'd.
      Lastly, the viewfinder has some "gold specks" which I think is separation, but I hope i'm wrong.  
      Please help if you can clarify, recommend a fix, or give any thoughts on ^^. Overall the camera seems amazing and none of the things I mentioned has really bothered me, but if I can learn more about them then it would be great.
      Thanks in advance, 

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    • By ashley12234
      Hello everyone!
      I'm new to the leica film cameras but I came up a rather very nice iiif in great condition which comes with a summarit 50mm f1.5 going for about $550. This sounded like a pretty good deal to me, however, upon closer inspection the lens seemed to have a lot of haze (not sure about fungus) as when I performed the light test there were specks everywhere. It seemed to be internal and in the second glass?? Not sure how to fix it or if I even can, also the focus ring was pretty stiff (but that isn't a deal breaker or anything). Like I said, the body of the camera was in very good condition however the lens is my biggest concern. As most of you are owners/experts and such please help me out and let me know if this is a good deal or not. 
      Thanks, Ashley
    • By alexbarspb
      the help of experts is necessary !
      I want to buy  the Leica X type 113 camera , but original electronic Leica viewfinders are really  expensive.
      Also it is impossible to use analogs from Olympus like for X1 and X2 models.
      Anyone knows  is it possible to use on this camera some kind of old types of optical  viewfinders for example the 36 mm from Voigtlander or Leica?
      Waiting for answers .
    • By ArneNorris
      I'm planning to get a 28mm Summicron for my M-A. Of course the camera's viewfinder has frame lines for 28, but the lines are a little difficult to see at times if the hood is being used. 
      I'm thinking of adding a brightline finder for quick shooting. The older 28mm Leica finders are difficult to find in good shape. The Zeiss 25 28 finders are optically great, but can be fragile.
      So the other option I'm considering is the current Leica 21mm Brightline finder with the brass housing. And then to use the frame lines in the finder meant for use on the M8. Given the 1.33 crop factor, my understanding is that these lines should correspond to a 28mm on a full frame camera.
      Any experiences or thoughts?
    • By sebben
      Curious to know if Panasonic has improved the quality of the view finder over the Leica SL.
      More specifically, what bothers me about the SL finder is:
      1. When under exposing the image by more than a stop the blacks become very milky and you can't see much detail in the shadows (Often required to prevent highlight clipping)
      2. It’s not very bright causing difficulties in bright conditions 
      3. Difficult to judge focus unless magnifying the image (I have 20/20 vision) 
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