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I'm thinking of going to the Holi festival in Delhi (the coloured dust thrown everywhere one) this year and obviously want to take my M240.

I can throw on a 15mm lens which means I can pretty much point and shoot but what is the best way to protect the whole thing.

Is it freezer bags and tape are are there custom options?

Many thanks in advance, Dave.

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Some would stand back and shoot with a 200mm. You've made a bold choice to get in the middle of it with a 15mm. 'Sounds great. If it were me I'd look for an inexpensive underwater housing. I know there use to be some cheap ones that were made of heavy plastic bag material. There was a front "lens" opening that had a filter that sealed the whole thing. With the 15mm you should be able to put the camera onto LV mode and look thru the back of the housing to the back of the camera - in other words you won't need to use the viewfinder. I'm spit-balling a bit here since I haven't looked at those cheap underwater rigs in a while. They were made to splash around in the surf and go a few feet under water. With the dust in the air you need something like that. Good luck. 'Sounds like fun.

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A few years ago I used my X1 during Holi in Gurgaon, India (close to Delhi). Didn't do anything special to protect it, just stayed back a bit. If you want, just put gaffer tape on the mic port and around the lens mount and obviously don't change the lens in middle of the action. 35MM or 50MM would be better suited, but that is a personal preference.

Now if you are planning to actually participate in it and get soaked, that is a different story. Note that some places are more "civilized", i.e., if you request them not to throw color or colored water at you, they won't. Others, not so much. If you really want to see Holi in full glory, I would recommend Varanasi and stay at one of hotels near the "ghats", not in the main city. Delhi is tame compared to that. Source: I celebrated Holi with friends for two decades in India.

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I guess GoPro will be better choice. Why risk expensive equipment. I have enjoyed three decades of Holi in india and won’t trust the crowd to behave according to your expectation. Everyone is in fun mood. Simply participate with simplest of sealed equipment and have fun. 

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Why risk expensive equipment ?

Maybe use the GoPro for any waterfall photography just in case?

Or my grandson body boarding in cornwall,well with all that salt water it pays to be safe.

Or street photography in london,i mean there are always criminals in big cities.


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On 1/22/2020 at 7:12 PM, jaapv said:

If you mean Ewa-Marine flexible underwater housings? In fact they are made to professional standards for dives up to 20 and 50 meters.


According to the information on the Ewa-Marine website, the D-B fits the Q2 and M Monochrom, while the U-FX [  https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/17366-REG/Ewa_Marine_EM_U_FX_U_FX_Underwater_Housing.html/specs ] fits the M series and R series cameras. 



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I am not an Indian and was at Holi in Amritsar in 2018. i had the m240, Leica T (701) and the 28mm summicron asph v1, CV 12mm f5.6 ultra heliar and Canon 50mm f1.4 LTM. 
The challenge is not the water only. There’s the coloured water, multi-coloured fine powder finer than sand, eggs etc. 
I enjoyed the holi without the camera and shot with my iphone. Not worth the pain on the gear. 

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