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Your opinion about the Leica M10 Monochrom


Your opinion about the Leica M10 Monochrom  

375 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your personal opinion of the Leica M10 Monochrome?

    • Will definitely buy if / already ordered
    • I'm interested, but still waiting for more tests
    • I'm interested, but it's too expensive for me
    • Interesting camera, but not for my kind of photography
    • I'm not interested

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The poll in this thread is essentially biased to the negative. There's only one positive choice. 

I've had my M10-M for several months now. I've made several thousand exposures with it and a high percentage of them are satisfying photographs once rendered. The camera works brilliantly, feels right, sounds right, focus is right on the money, exposures are nearly perfect (unless I screw up). Resolution is outstanding, dynamic range too, and it can see in the dark to an extent that no other camera I've used (with the possible exception of my Hasselblad 907x). Fitting an orange or a green filter nets a spectral to grayscale map that I find near perfect. 

"Looks like Tri-X.." is completely irrelevant to me. I've never seen any point whatever in trying to "look like film" with any camera ... the only thing I try to achieve is good looking B&W photographs that satisfy my eye and achieve what I had in mind when I made the exposure. I absolutely despise all this nonsensical film vs digital palaver. If you like what film does for you, keep using it. If you like what digital capture can do, use it and learn how to make it sing for you. It's that simple. What other people can or can't do with either has nothing to do with your photography.

In sum, the M10-M is a great camera. Great photographs come from a good eye and a photographer, a great camera simply means you have good equipment to use. The equipment simply does what it does ... the photographer has to know what to do with it. . 


"Equipment is transitory. Photographs endure."

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The poll is near 3 years old, at M10 Monochrom release date, and this thread died a month later until being resurrected this week.  In the meantime, many have bought the M10-M, new or used (including folks like me who didn’t think they would), and there have been many other robust discussions about it (and its predecessors).


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