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D-Lux3 - Exposure Sensor Repair & Replace Options

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My Leica D-Lux 3 that displays (1) a purple color shift for white colors in bright light; and (2) a photos show a green or yellow tint in low light.

I have looked over the presets and defaults. I cannot find a switch that improves the display.

I believe that the exposure sensor is damaged or malfunctioning.

Otherwise, the camera is in good shape cosmetically and according to a review of the presets and default, working correctly.

A used replacement on Ebay is about $150 to $200.

My questions are:

-1- Can I send my camera to the Leica repair for a new sensor for that amount of money? I know about the submission form that requires a maximum repair cost to be stated.

-2- Is a Leica repaired camera totally checked out and then repaired so as to insure long lasting functioning?

-3- Is it better to purchase another non-leica camera for $150 to $200 with improved specifications like increased megapixels?

Thanks for reviewing my questions,


PS I encountered an error when uploading files; although I deleted the upload files, I cannot upload replacements.

I have used up all of my storage space and cannot locate a delete button in My Attachments. 

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In view of its age my instinct is that it is time to upgrade to a later and younger D-Lux model. They are all excellent and any one would give you increased capabilities. Furthermore, operationally, you would have no difficulties in moving on to a later model. Buying an equally old model would leave you vulnerable to similar sensor failure as components age. Another reason to upgrade.

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Even if Leica were able to repair this fault on a thirteen year old camera, I am sure that they would decline on economic grounds. I would advise you to replace the camera by one of the newer D-luxes.

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      Hi there. Today while taking photos with my MP I realized some kind of liquid had dropped on the back of my camera. It had been dried before I noticed it. As a reflex I immediately clean the thing but the same stuff had also snuck on to the light seal cloth that covers the parameters of the back door. How can I clean the residue on the light seal? Or should I bother? I am afraid of the possibility of the strange liquid damaging the light seal.

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      Hi all, I've noticed there isn't a dedicated thread for editing L-Log footage, so I will begin one here. I realize that colouring and re-touching video is a very subjective field, but I wanted to see how others work within Leica's limited literature surrounding post-production in video.
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      I’ve a B+W F- Pro orange filter that I use a little and I’d like to add to this. Specifically a green filter for BW portraits, to experiment on my young surfer son who’s seven with some cute freckles. Also, for colour negative, typically with Portra, I’d like to get my hands on warming and cooling filters to try and get more consistent results and minimise colour shifts. This is particularly relevant as finding a good local scanner operator is a challenge; it’s not an excuse, just another reason to try and minimise any requirement for corrections at the scanner,
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      Any recommendations on where I might find the above? New or used? Thanks.
      And for a bit of fun, who else is using warming and cooling filters for colour neg film? I’ve an old Lumu light meter; I’m considering upgrading to the newer one simply for better understanding of colour temp variance, and flash measurement. FYI, the lumu’s are a great little light meter; I keep mine on my phone always, often even if I don’t have a camera with me!
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      Hi all,
      I am still quite new to repairing cameras and lenses but so far I have a pretty good track record for fixing them. I have mainly repaired Canon rangefinders and some Canon SLRs. I recently picked up a R4 which has the problem of a possible jammed shutter. Basically the shutter does not fire when the shutter button is depressed. I have checked both magnets under the battery compartment and could not see any dirt that was causing a weak connection. I have also compared the cams and gears to a Minolta XD11/7 as I have read on this forum that they have the same internals. I have only worked with cloth shutters in SLRs and not the later bladed shutter curtains.
      To me this looks like it might be jammed but I am not 100% sure as an image of the shutter in the Minolta service manual looks similar, unfortunately this detail in the scanned document is to contrasty to tell. 
      I am also wondering if there is a way to trip the shutter without using the shutter button? 
      If you could help me out I would be very grateful!
      Many Thanks,

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      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!
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