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Sell my Leica Q now or use it until it dies?

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Kinda feels like I'm talking about selling a car...

I always knew this was the calculus involved with buying a rather pricey fixed-lens camera.  I've gotten 2 years of wonderful use out of my Leica Q, which I love and in many ways is my favorite digital camera yet.  The IQ to me is absolutely stunning.

But there's always that specter that all electronic devices eventually die, and once that happens the wonderful 28mm lens will be rendered useless as well.  

Right now looks like I can get about $2k for the camera.  I'm not necessarily sure what I'd do with the money.  I do have other cameras.  I might consider a Q2.  Maybe save and go for an M system.  Or just put it in the bank.  Right now I'm just trying to make a decision based on the Q itself and the knowledge that one day it will completely die and the lens will be useless at that time too.  So I'm trying to decide whether to sell it now while it still has some value, or just use it until it dies.  Wondering what other owners in this situation have done.

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This is surely the calculus with all cameras. Leaving aside whether there are sufficient funds to do what one wants - and that’s the ultimate decider - the critical issue is whether the camera continues to perform in a way that satisfies your needs. There can be many factors in this. I recently moved from a D850 with f2.8 24-70 lens to the Z6 and f4 24-70. I decided the prospect of shedding a kilo in what my ageing frame carted around outweighed the loss of 24MP and the little used aperture below f4. I have had my Q for as long as you and was not tempted by the Q2. The Q is perfect as my travel, go anywhere camera with IQ as good if not better in some respects than the D850 and Z6. I see no need to do more than let it run for its natural life. Of course at my age I have learnt never to say never but As things stand the money invested in the Q can remain where it is.

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Digital cameras will last a lot longer than most people think they will.  I read that Nikon's pro DSLR cameras have shutter ratings of 300,000 cycles.  Having just passed 52,000 with my M-P 240 puts 300k into perspective.  I have no plans to trade/sell my M-P 240 for the foreseeable future.  I don't know what the shutter is rated for, but I would guess 200,000 cycles at minimum. 

The only weakness of the M-P 240 platform is its modest ISO performance.  With an ISO 6400 maximum, I have found that ISO 2000 is about as high as I can go before digital noise becomes a problem.  Other than that, it's a great camera.

I will either get a minty clean used M10-P or an M11 some day to address the ISO issue with my M-P 240.  Oh, wait - I have already addressed that.  My Q2 is ISO 50,000 capable.

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I sold my Q after 3 months of use as i finally could buy the Q2 as the Q was only a placeholder till i finally could buy the Q2.
I have also a D800 with all prime lenses, flash, etc but i don't use it much so i will sell her too.
Only thing i miss using only the Q2 is a 100mm macro lens and a M10 with a macro lens would complete my gear bag.




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Better sell it now.  The prices on used Q1s keep dropping.  Currently at B&H the most you can get is about  $1280 and at KEH about $1170.  Perhaps the price for used will go up a little due to Leica raising prices on many of their cameras about 10% thanks to U.S. tarrifs:


I'm keeping mine until it transforms itself into a doorstop and maybe beyond.  (I need a few doorstops.)

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