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Blitzbereitschaftsanzeige SL 601

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Ein frohes Weihnachtsfest am aller Forenten! Kurze Frage zur SL Typ 601 in Kombination mit dem Blitz SF58: Im Sucher sehe ich nur die Einstellung des Blitzes (1. Oder 2. Verschlussvorhang). Ich kann aber weder eine Anzeige zur Blitzbereitschaft noch eine Bestätigung für richtige TTL-Belichtung im Sucher erkennen. Selbst eine digitale M zeigt diese Infos im Sucher an,  habe ich bei der SL eine Einstellung übersehen, oder gibt es diese Anzeignen tatsächlich nicht im Sucher? Grüße, Arndt

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    • By Jacek.PL
      I am selling a lens bought in the Leica Store in Warsaw. I am is first and only owner.
      the lens looks like new. The focus is smooth, the autofocus and aperture function properly, and the glass has no marks or fungus and no dust. It's a full factory set. This is private sale. There are no returns.
      Shipping via UPS express saver : 90 EUR/80 GBP- (includes international tracking and insurance)
      Payment by PAYPAL or bank transfer
      The full technical data is below:

    • By Jacek.PL
      This Leica 60mm f2.8 APO-Macro-Elmarit-TL Asph Lens (silver), #4629438, is in great condition. I rate it cosmetically a (9+). The focus is smooth, the autofocus and aperture function properly, and the glass is clean and clear with no haze, marks, or fungus.
      I am the first owner. The lens was bought at the Leica Store in Warsaw
      Item Condition:
      - The item pictured is the actual item for sale and include only what is pictured. It’s full factory set.
      Condition details (see photos):
      Cosmetically 9/10 virtually no signs of use or wear but there is very small scratch (see photo) Optically 10-/10 very clean; without scratches, fungus, fog, haze or separation. Mechanically 10/10 like new   
      Shipping – free in EU (7 w business days) or via UPS express saver : 90 EUR/80 GBP- (includes international tracking and insurance)
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    • By Big John
      Had the SL for a few years - really happy with it, great IQ. Don’t like the size and weight so tend to use it with ZEISS ZM lenses. 
      Thinking of switching to SL2..
      Attractions for me:
      1. IBIS for using M (or ZM) lenses.
      2. Improved EVF. 

      3. Larger, higher res rear panel. 
      4  Quick view menu.
      5. Grip and restyling of body. 
      Things putting me off - only 1:
      1. I don’t need 47mp. 
      So.....thinking I could shoot at Medium resolution setting (which is 24mp) and also use TL lenses (to manage the size and weight concern) to get 20mp files.  I would use 47mp when the image demands it - so 24 as a go to size (street, family etc) and 47 for specific occasions (landscapes etc).  I know that concerns on high ISO won’t be addressed by shooting at lower res (due to  pixel density). 
      Anyone else thinking like this?  Thanks. 
    • By anrotil68
      I'm going to buy a zoom. I am not sure whether to take a used 90-280 SL LEICA or the new PANASONIC 70.200 F2.8. Has anyone had the opportunity to try them both and make some difference? thank you
    • By elmars
      Ich verkaufe einen Leica TTL-Blitz SF 40. Dieser kleine, kompakte Blitz passt zu allen aktuellen Leica Kameras, auch zur M10. Er ist kaum gebraucht und deshalb praktisch wie neu. Ich selbst gebe keine Gewährleistung, die Leica Garantie läuft aber noch bis Juni. OVP.

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