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Cable shutter release not working

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I lost my cable release which I had used on my M10 since I got the body about two years ago. So I bought a new one (A Leica one) in the Leica Store in Mayfair, London. It worked for the first day, then stopped working. It's odd because you wouldn't think anything could go wrong with something so mechanical and simple. But it has. When I press the shutter release at the end of the cable, the prong at the other end does not stick out (the action what would normally trigger the shutter). I can't see anywhere to screw it tighter etc. 

All idea welcome as I can't easily get back to the store to return it. 

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Just return it. They will replace it without fuss. My cable release was bought for pennies in the early 1970s and works as well with my Leica M10-P as it did on my Nikon SLR years ago.

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The thumb plunger goes down all the way yet nothing pokes out the other end, it sounds impossible! Or is nothing moving and its a case of the cable release lock being 'on'? A good candidate for a Christmas Quiz either way.

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13 hours ago, Johnclare369 said:

All idea welcome as I can't easily get back to the store to return it. 

As Peter says - just post it back. Plenty on e-bay, just get correct threads. Nikon ones work fine.

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Sounds like the plunger has become disconnected from the plunger somewhere inside the cable release.  I remember years ago I had a cable release that occasionally did the same thing because the screw collar that held the cable release to the outer sheathing had worked loose so the plunger just pushed the outer sheath with it and the prong didn't appear.  Half a minute's work putting things back in place and re-tightening the screw collar sorted things out so perhaps something similar has happened to yours.

Of course these days few things are made to be fixable so it might be a case of returning it to Leica Mayfair for a replacement or refund.


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      Tried loading a fresh roll of film the other day. Put the leader in the spool, pressed the shutter button, but the mirror is not moving after I press on the button. The shutter button seems to press down fine, however. Since the mirror is not moving after I hit the shutter, I am not able to wind forward the film.
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      First sample is at 1/125 ss. Notice the white stripe near the right edge. It looks pretty much the same at 1/250 and 1/500, however, at 1/60 it's gone. I haven't seen the results at 1/60, but that's what I've been told.
      Last sample is at 1/1000 and things are much worse there. 
      I am going to make more tests, but what do you think it can be? Shutter? A body was stored without lens attached to it and without front cap covering the mount, so shutter was basically uncovered. However, I couldn't find any obvious signs of damage on shutter.
      And if it's a shutter problem, repair would probably cost more then a camera itself, right?

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