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Correct lens caps for Leitz 90mm Elmar Triplet?


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I'm wondering if anyone knows which front and rear caps the 90mm Elmar Triplet ("lightweight") M mount lens originally shipped with. I purchased mine used from a Leica dealer and it only came with a rear Leitz branded cap, so I'm especially interested to know if the front cap is a push-on Leica branded 39mm cap, or if it's a different Leitz design. The few copies currently on the market seem to be sold with the Leica 39mm push on. Unfortunately, Leica Wiki didn't have any information. For reference, my lens is the ELANG-M 11 830 model.

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Many thanks. I had 14031 in my notes, which seems identical to the 14321 you mentioned but lined with real felt. It has a slightly different design on the front than the original A42, which makes me think it's an updated version. See an example here: https://www.keh.com/shop/leica-m-leica-39mm-chrome-14031-front-lens-cap-chrome-plated-brass-229854.html

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