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Leica Q2 Flash Set-up

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    • By GRBrown
      Will the Leica the CF 22 flash work with the D-Lux 7? The CF 22 instructions state: "All flash operating modes are also available when the Leica CF 22 is used with the Leica D-Lux 4."
      Several weeks ago I sent my question to Leica New Jersey technical support, but haven't received a response.
      I haven't put the CF 22 on my D-Lux 7, not wanting to break the camera in case the flash and camera are incompatible.
    • By Pelu2010
      Young Girl in Low light
    • By Pelu2010
      Hey ,
      which flash/strobe do you use if you need hss ? 
      any strobes that I can rent or buy? 
    • By Mr_Ross_Duncan
      Hi, When using the Q2 on manual, as I do, there is the option to set your desired ISO setting.
      The factory set range goes 200-400-800-1600 etc. Can this be tweeked to set an ISO that is not in that range, for instance a setting of ISO1000.
    • By Pelu2010
      I did this pictures with a 3000 ws flash, because I didn't have any other flash. So It was very strong and I had to use a lot of ND Filters. But the way the Bowens renders the light is exceptional. This picture was taken with a canon. The camera that I worked with for over 7 years. Then I bought a Leica SL2s. And this camera is such a joy. I am having every day the nice event of hearing the shutter sound! It's very rewarding. thanxs
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