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Q2 Thumb Support availability


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27 minutes ago, CRTZMO said:

Does anyone own or has anyone seen a Leica Q2 Thumb support?

Thanks in advance for a quick ping if you have — cheers!


Yes, bought one from Red Dot Cameras (UK) last month.  Had been on the waiting list since the Q2 was launched!


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I got one from the Leica store in Los Angeles in early October. It’s great. Really helps the camera handle a lot better, and makes it possible to shoot with one hand. Nice mechanism to preserve the zoom button functionality.

Costs a small fortune likely because it’s made of machined aluminum rather than plastic, like the handgrip. Very limited availability, I understand. 

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Just bought the original LEICA one 2 days ago in Kostanz - Germany.
Very expensive but works great and fit better than the Thumbs-Up for the Leica Q i bought used with the Q this spring.

However, the humbs-Up for Leica Q is usable and if you have a bit spare time you can file away a bit of the round part and it will fit perfectlyas well.
Main difference is the the Thumb "Hook" is more far right on the original Leica Q2 one than the Leica Q by Thumbs-Up.

So you may get a used Thumbs-Up and use it until you can het hold of a original Leica 2 one.



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They are scarce but available with a little Google search also internationally. In Europe, the price is anywhere from € 190 to € 195, and shipping is international. I have looked regularly since March and recently I found a € 195 including shipping. The price is substantial, but Thunbs Up is little cheaper, while the Leica functionality is better in my opinion. The cover of the diopter button is beautiful and the coupling of the zoom / lock button is elegant. I still use my old Q1 half protector and that also fits.
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I found it quite poorly made. There are many manufacturing variations : the rubber (protecting the body and acting as a button retainer) can be too stiff in order to press the crop button easily. Or too loose, making it prone to tear.

Just compare it to M10 or CL thumb rest. You will notice that Leica lowered its manufacturing process with the Q2 one. 

It totally blocks the way to the exposure comp dial and its top function button. 

You are better off buying the hand grip or the protector. In these case, the build in thumb carving is enough. 

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