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L-Mount extension tubes......

Dave in Wales

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I doubt that the L-Mount alliance members will sell extension tubes, but we may see some from third-party suppliers.

The problem is that you lose a lot of quality by using a modern lens outside of its designed focusing range, and that would be painfully obvious with 47MP files. They would much rather sell you a macro lens (Leica has one for APS-C, Sigma has one for full frame, and the Panasonic kit zoom goes to 1:2).

That being said, you can use extension tubes and bellows on adapted lenses if you want. That opens-up a whole world of enlarger lenses and macro/micro lenses.

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The old Elmar 135 (1960) is actually slightly better for close up than the newer much (10x) more expensive M Tele-Elmar 135.

Of modern equipment the irix 150mm is good and goes to 1:1 .

I would still like to see closeup rings for L-mount. And an extender (1.7x) for the 90-280 and the 50, 75 and 90 Summicron. They are Apo lenses, so they can lose a bit of quality without problem.

The Apo M 50 also works very well with extension tubes, it’s just a bit too expensive.

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On 1/9/2022 at 11:16 AM, Eros Penatti said:

They  finally arrived :


I hope to be able use them with the SL2S and the Sigma 105 Macro Art. 

In theory:

Attaching the 12mm tube to the Sigma 105mm should enable magnification of 1.11 : 1 compared to native magnification 1:1

Attaching the 24mm tube should enable magnification 1.22 : 1

Attaching both tubes ie 36mm should enable magnification 1.34 : 1

To obtain in excess of 1.5: 1 magnification will require  another 24mm length i.e 60mm which should enable 1.58 : 1 

I have also ordered the Viltrox tubes but will be using them with a shorter focal length L mount lens which will enable greater magnification than with the 105mm lens.

Tubes are en-route from China and expected to arrive mid-March 


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