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Seville One Challenge - The Results

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The archive of previous challenges is available further down the Forum front page. 

I thought my Berlin winning entry was in colour but I was wrong. It’s colour in one of my books, but not there. 

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Hello all! This is your long-awaited update on how I've spent your money. While tempted to use it as part of a deposit on an M10M I decided in the end to give it to a couple of local charities. Spain has a major issue with stray dogs, particularly hunting dogs. Once they reach a certain age they are often abandoned. In the area where I live, just outside of Málaga, there are two small charities that I know personally who dedicate themselves to capturing, treating, and then finding homes for dogs that have been abandoned. As I adopted my own dog at 1 month old when he was found crawling around the garden of an office in the local business park, I have a certain sympathy. The first charity is "La Sonrisa Peluda", run by the local vet, webpage at https://www.lasonrisapeluda.org. The other is "Proyecto Berta", small enough to not even have a website yet. Their instagram is at https://www.instagram.com/proyectoberta.


I've attached some photos. The first two are my dog Hopper who would like to thank you all for your contributions (1st image IIIg & Voigt 50/2.5 + delta 3200, 2nd image M246 + 35/2 asph). The second two are dogs up for adoption with Proyecto Berta taken at an anti-hunting demo 10 days ago (not Leica, sorry :) ). 



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