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    • By Bitti
      I have an opportunity to buy new equipment in the next few weeks and I’m still debating about medium format S007 or full 35 sl2. Recently I came across a non Leica product the fuji gfx 100, to get things more confusing. I have received estimate costs for the Sl2 for new and for used S 007 . I then received a proposal for a gfx that is very tempting as it is a 100 mp.sensor, maybe  very good for my big size prints. I am a commercial advertising photographer and I’ve used canon, Hasselblads all my career after abandoning LF film cameras. I am aiming to get bigger prints for my fine art work and best quality lenses. At Leica store in New York they let me try both Sl2 and S007 for a week each. At the moment I have to take a decision and buy the equipment. Could anyone give an advice? Also I’ve never owned a digital view finder camera. I shoot studio portraits, mainly lifestyle and occasionally autos. Thank you all, any comment would be precious and apreciated .
    • By TorbenStender
      Can the SL2 mounted with the SL2.0 / 35 ASPH fit into a Billingham Hadley Small Pro 2020?
    • By waynexu1998
      I have been noticing that Leica SL2 blurs the EVF when I half press the shutter. Is this happening with everyone and is there any news on if they will address this issue in the upcoming firmware update? Thanks a lot!
    • By Siran
      Would anyone be willing to share some tips on focussing manual glass on the SL2?
      What techniques do you use (Focus peaking, magification etc)? What is the most realiable and accurate for you?
      I use focus peaking and magnification, but feel this is a little slow (or I am  just slow and need practice! :-p)
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