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    • By TorbenStender
      Can the SL2 mounted with the SL2.0 / 35 ASPH fit into a Billingham Hadley Small Pro 2020?
    • By waynexu1998
      I have been noticing that Leica SL2 blurs the EVF when I half press the shutter. Is this happening with everyone and is there any news on if they will address this issue in the upcoming firmware update? Thanks a lot!
    • By Siran
      Would anyone be willing to share some tips on focussing manual glass on the SL2?
      What techniques do you use (Focus peaking, magification etc)? What is the most realiable and accurate for you?
      I use focus peaking and magnification, but feel this is a little slow (or I am  just slow and need practice! :-p)
    • By NRKstudio
      To the forum gurus: 
      For my SL2, I am seeking a good on-camera flash with radio transmitter capability, plus a controller for it.  
      I have the SF40, and it’s not making the cut really.  TTL is decent tho, but I just read “The Flash Book” by Scott Kelby and his system is all about setting the flash/camera (move the flash off camera if possible) to Manual mode (1/4 flash power, iso 100, 1/125 sec, f/5.6)and just adjusting the camera from there.
      So what have y’all been using for a good hot shoe flash and a radio controller?? 
      The SF58 and c1 remote are out of my budget unfortunately! I’m an amateur photographer who shoots just my toddler and wife, and some friends/family events.  
      thanks in advance for the guidance!
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