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Leica SL2 image thread, please post your images here.


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Not only ISO (@mediafotografie  very good)  but also the shake reduction has to be shown:
Hand held SL-II with 24-90 1/4 sec f5.0 ISO 100 

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(4a) VE 24-90mm @ 33mm, f8 - although I think I am not a pixel peeper I was interested how the 47MP sensor works with the VE 24-90mm. And for this (my) kind of photography I am not concerned about open aperture performance in the corners, but the 1:1 detail in (4b) points out for me that I do not need to worry in situations where I am taking only the zoom lenses with me.

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vor 1 Stunde schrieb HeinzX:

Are there any shots with the 90/280 and ev. cropped to app. equ. 560 mm ? 


vor 17 Minuten schrieb Bohns:

I have exactly the same question, for the same goal...

You owe me a beer ;) - "quick & dirty" fresh from the garden - 2 examples, both open aperture and cropped to approx 4200px at the long side. Exposure time was 1/30 as I wanted to see the double effect of IBIS & lens stabilization.


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SL2 + 35 Summicron-SL (Exposure +1.45, Highlights -67, Shadows +100, and some other minor tweaks)

Less compressed JPEG here: https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-tzdLng/

ISO 100 f/2 @1/20 sec.
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