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Leica SL2 image thread, please post your images here.


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vor 10 Stunden schrieb Jeff S:

Lovely... but not moonshine unless there’s a still nearby. 🤪

Perhaps moonlight, or moon shine.


you´re right, it was really late in the evenening posting this photo and the description/ title could have been more "on point". 

Hours later the title might be "passing rainy  storm"...

vor 9 Stunden schrieb LeicaR10:

BlackDoc,   Your landscape photograph at post # 4217 is simply superb.  The light, composition of lines, perspective, texture, shadow, range of color and rendering makes this photograph both unique and a true standout. As a viewer and IMO your photograph caused me to:  Stop, Look, Think and Feel something about this moment in time.  Clearly all the aforementioned characteristics separate a mere photo from that of a most excellent photograph.   I have noticed over time, many of your posted landscape photographs are often stunning.  Your photograph is IMO, a work of art and worthy of the title masterpiece.  Bravo!  r/ Mark  

Thank you very much for your very kind words which i did not expected. i am somehow speechless and surprised.

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Time for something completely different (at least for me).  Learnt from the SL2 question about motorsport and SS to get movement in the background and wheels but otherwise sharp.

Apo-Summicron-M 1:2/75 ASPH. 1/200 Sec

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Sl2 + 24-90mm, iso200, 1/100, f10, 61mm

We have an early Spring so even if the landscape is beautiful we are eaten alive by the insects.

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