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Leica SL2 image thread, please post your images here.


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Shot in Leica Store with demo camera, 75mm Summicron-SL, f/2.2, ISO2500,  (I notice that the camera date was set to Nov 6, 2020!)

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nothing special, but maybe of interest: SL2 @ISO 6.400 - looks good!


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Actually, this thread is meant to showcase SL2 images as and when they become available,  just like all other camera-specific image threads, not for this kind of discussion. Please use or start appropriate threads for those. Further non-image posts ( posts commenting/critiquing those images will of course be allowed) will be deleted or moved without further notice.


I have cleaned up two pages of OT posts (i.e. about 40!) in this thread; you can  find your posts in new threads,some in an existing thread, some have been deleted.

Some were ever posted today.  Now please: IMAGES !

All other posts not relevant to this thread will be deleted without notice.

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  • jaapv changed the title to Leica SL2 image thread, please post your images here.

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