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1 hour ago, tommonego@gmail.com said:

I have a Fotodiox screw mount to M adapter, while the lens works fine the arrows for setting aperture and focus are a little offset. I have several Leica adapters and they all land the indicator arrows directly vertical so you can see them quickly. Not a showstopper but be aware, and it may not be true for all Fotodiox adapters.

I've seen this with one or two lenses using the Rayqual as well as the earlier Voigtländer adapters too: off by a very small amount, usually less than 6°. I measured the adapters' thickness with a good set of calipers and they differed by tiny fractions of a mm, and the thread start point on the affected lenses were similarly very very close to the mark. It gives you an idea of just how precise the tolerances have to be to get perfect alignment with the LTM lenses and bodies, and why the original Leica adapters tended to be fairly pricey!

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