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Tripod question

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Hi Guys,

I’ve got a question for you. I know this isn’t a tripod forum or sub forum but I suppose because of the type of cameras that this sub forum represents this is probably the best place to ask.

I’m meeting someone on Wednesday to look at a secondhand Gitzo GT4552ts and maybe buy it. What do you suggest I check when I inspect it? Any problems associated with this tripod? Anything I should look out for etc.? Also, do you guys have any experience with this model? Any words against it? I would be using it with my SWA and also my Bronica SQAI.

The reason I thought this tripod would work is because although its strong, it folds small and it’s not too heavy all things considered. I’m 5’10” so I think with a head, it’ll be a decent height for me. It also comes with a center column. Also, the gent is asking for USD 510. If it’s in good shape, do we think this is a good deal? I know I often ask this last question but in this case there aren’t any sold items to check on eBay so I have no idea.

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Hi Jodad,

There are several Gitzo tripods at home, and no one have ever had any issue.I bought the first (aluminium) more than 40 years ago and I still use it. That to say with Gitzo you should will never be betrayed. Anyway all parts may be found @ gitzospare.com even for old models.

USD 510 is OK ( a bit under 500 to be tempted).

Which head will you put on?

The 4552ts you intend to buy is quite awsome, but... IMHO  it is too much for the gear you say you will put on it. According to the specs, it can support 25kg, weights more than 2kg, the head not included.


My experience : choose an over sized head instead of an under sized .

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I use a puny carbon fibre variety Gitzo, no ida of its code name, it extends tall but then it  is wobbly even with a weight on its centre pillar, so for critical firmness i prefer the tiny Leitz foldable "tischstativ".



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