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Herr Barnack

Thoughts on the Q2 and the big picture of Leica ownership and usage

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I have been thinking of acquiring a Q2 for a while and am about 90% ready to make that commitment.  I see the Q2 as an addition to my Leica system, which at present includes an M4-P, M-P 240 and a handful of lenses. 

I am pretty well content with my M-P 240 but it does have a couple of shortcomings - shutter noise and not so great ISO range.  For print making, I have found that I can get away with somewhere between ISO 800-1600 before noise becomes a problem, depending on a number of variables other than just ISO. 

The Q2 seems to resolve those two issues, with weather sealing, autofocus, f/1.7 and a big honking sensor thrown in to sweeten the deal. 

As far as the focal length that some complain about being "stuck with" on the Q2, that is not really a concern to me.  Before I made the jump to digital when I got my M240 back in 2013, I had shot with my film MP and 28 Summicron ASPH extensively. 

The 28 is an excellent all-around focal length IMHO.  It is sort of like the 35mm focal length, but requires a bit more of the photographer in terms of thinking, discipline and not being afraid to get close to your subjects; it is also an excellent focal length for travel, documentary and landscape work IMHO.  I learned to deal with these issues (thinking, discipline, getting closer to my subjects) when shooting with my MP and 28 'cron, so I won't feel "stuck" or short changed by having only the 28mm focal length lens on the Q2.

In thinking about the Q2, this morning I had the thought that absence of the coupled rangefinder mechanism notwithstanding, the Q2 is somewhat of an autofocus counterpart of the M10 in the Leica lineup as a whole.  There is no equal to the flagship M10-P in the Leica product lineup (though some of the other digital M cameras come close), but the Q2 seems to have earned its place next to the M-10-P.  In looking at my Leica kit as a whole, I can see the Q2 as being an able backup camera to my M-P 240 and an alternative to it as my daily carry camera.  I think the Q2 will fulfill those roles with aplomb. 

I am wondering how the Q2 has fit in to the scheme of things for others who shoot with it and digital M cameras, and if the Q2 has served its purpose well in your photographic endeavors. 

Also:  Is it fairly accurate to think of the Q2 as somewhat of an autofocus counterpart of the M-P 240 or M10-P?

Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts and impressions. 😎




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Posted (edited)

I currently use a M10 with a Cron 28, a Cron APO 50, and a Summarit 75, and use my Q2 mostly in manual focus :D 

So to me, the Q2 is not the autofocus counterpart of the M10. It's just a different camera, and the more you use it, the more you'll love it. Maybe because the EVF is in a way what you would like to see in your OVF ? Maybe the stealth attitude of the quiet Q2 ? Maybe the weather sealing ? Maybe the excellent lens ? Maybe the sensor ?

Or maybe all of it...

Now I'm thinking going back to the Monochrom - keeping my M lenses - selling the M10 and do everything else with the Q2...

Attached: Q2, manual focus :)

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The Q was my gateway to M (as I realized in retrospect Señor Overgaard warned of). To me, the autofocus, Macro mode, and EVF of the Q were inspired, but I didn’t feel like a true Leica shooter and didn’t feel like I was “making” photographs until the M entered my life. After deep existential internal debate, sold the Q and have since picked up an M6 to pair with my MD-262. I was worried I would miss the Q, but honestly have had no regrets. I’ll take zone focusing with a 28mm elmarit over the autofocus 28mm “Summilux” most days of the week.

Autofocus aside, have you thought about an SL body for your M lenses? I gave that serious consideration to get some of the modern amenities it shares with the Q.

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