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Dear Leica-Enthusiasts,

I have been shooting with the Leica CL since a few months now and always use M lenses with the Leica and Novoflex adapters. However, over these last months I have noticed that lens-adapter-camera combination is not completely rigid. I can now slightly rotate the mount back and forth. It does not seem to affect the IQ but I am worried that it might loosen even more.

Has anyone had similar experiences? I will probably just send it in to Wetzlar...


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Slight play in rotation is normal and acceptable. A lateral movement or lens droop not.

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If it troubles you, I would suspect the adapter, not the camera body. If so, Novoflex should be able to advise you, not Leica.

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Same issue here with all my L-lenses and the Leica L to M adapter. A fraction of a mm play in the “torque” direction when lenses are mounted. Seems to be normal? 

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Thanks for your comments. I had a quick look to the Leica Shop in Vienna and they confirmed that the LM-Adapter has some play along the torque direction. It is less evident with small lenses, they said. I have my rather heavy Voigtländer 50/1.2 on there, so it is more pronounced.

I also noticed that there is more play with the Novoflex adapter compared to the native Leica LM adapter.

Seems to be normal then...

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