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The M8 I bought last week just arrived, menu in Spanish and Instructions Italian/Spanish. Thought that might be challenging at least I could switch the menu to English. The firmware is 2.014 is this recent? Came with a Voigtlander 40 f1.4, been reading the thread on that. Camera and lens is overall in excellent condition. Shutter seems loud, at least louder than my M3 and CL. No neck strap so I didn't take it for a walk, just a few photos around the house. I did try some infrared with it, why I bought an M8. Exposures that were 1 sec on my CL are 1/15 - 1/30 on the M8. May have a loud shutter but there is no vibration so 1/15 is still hand very holdable. Nice camera hope it holds together.

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Is there any restriction on SD cards that can be used with the M8? I put in a 32GB and the counter was at 999, which I assume is the top. If a 4GB registers 356 on the counter a 32GB would be around 28000 exposures. So 4gb cards are difficult to find singly 8gb somewhat easier wondering if write speed could be an issue.



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Do remember that M8 technology was from 2004-2005 .

About 15 years SD cards had done a jump in technos.

If you choose DNG only one file would be 10 MB so 4GB would have about 400 DNG

so with SD card more than 8GB, the M8's counter is overflow.

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