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Tilburg revisited meeting 2020.

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So , what about visiting the Netherlands, Tilburg for the first or second time... June 2020? 

As you all know, the meeting in Tilburg was a great succes for such a small town, or a small succes for such a great town. A few years later I have the feeling it's time for a revisit. Not only because of the  

wonderful hospitality of the Town. But also because some call it the Berlin of The Netherlands. 

Some great architectural projects driven by the people of Tilburg themselves have arisen. Like the new " Spoorzone" ( railway zone ) where a complete new park has been build on an old railway emplacement. ( See pictures ) .

Another spectaculair building is called the " Center Pompidou of Tilburg " is the new Library. It's build inside an old Loc rebuilding and maintenance hall and is called the Loc-Hall . Al those and many other parts will make a great day. I only have to quote my own words in 2016. No photographic exhibition but some very attractive scenery and international food.  The little bakery " Pig and Rye " is renowned with dutch newspapers for it's wonderful English food in combination with a typical southern delicacy. We will eat here without reservation. : 










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Hi you all, I would like to reschedule  the date  to 14 November 2020. If that fails , we could reschedule again. Any objections?    

Tilburg 2020 will become : Tilburg 2021.   I'm postponing the inevitable, because of the new Covid-19 outbreaks in Noord -Brabant and The Netherlands. There's less chance we will get an uneventful November this year.  And I'm tired shooting people abroad with a mask on.    The new date will be the 12th  of  June 2021 ....hopefully... Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren od

So that's why the economy is down.

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vor 18 Minuten schrieb farnz:

I'm interested in principle, Paulus, providing that other commitments don't get in the way.

Whatever happened to the meeting in Groningen that Cecilia had proposed while we were in Nijmegen?


I don't know? Good question. We take a slightly different tour de town this time, so don't be afraid that you've seen it already. 

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vor 2 Stunden schrieb Kamiel:

Great initiative Paulus. I would like to join.

Due to my work, I need to know the exact date in June about two months in advance. Would that be possible?

Hope to see you all in June!

I was thinking about 13 June, or 20 June, please let me all know which date is the best.  

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Today I was planning and visiting the sites to see, as you can see below in the first link. It seems as if everyone is eating and drinking on this wonderful day, so I hope this will happen in June 2020 also. The town is becoming more and more lively. As you can see in the program:


The program:


In the link you’ll get an idea of what we are bound to see:








Saturday 13 or 20 June:


10:00-11:00. Meet at “ Pig and rye “ very good food and a nice place to be. You can also buy some lunchbread here if you like.





11:00- 11:45: A walk to the “ Spoorpark” , lots of people walking the park on a Saturday .


11:45- 12:45:  


Walk around in the spoorpark. Meet at the beginning of the zipper 12:45. ( You can have a drink at the little shop there.) 





13:00 13:20. 


Walk to the Loc-Hall named : “LocHal”   




Visit the “Lochal” ( best Building of the year 2019) 







Have a drink and snack at the ladies of “ Smeer em “ : 








Walk through the “Spoorzone” in the direction of the Tivoli/ Interpolis-park:







A walk through Tivoli and its “ better than average “ houses. 




Walk along the Canal in the direction of the Tilburg Harbour “ Piushaven” :





If you take your swimming suits, you can swim in the excellent water, although it’s forbidden, nobody cares.. ( see photos in the first link above.) 


17:30 –18:30 Have a home brewed beer at city brewery  “013” : 







19:00 Have dinner at “ RAK “ :

































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3 hours ago, Paulus said:

I was thinking about 13 June, or 20 June, please let me all know which date is the best.  

Both dates are completely fine Paulus. I just need to know two months in advance. Then I will request my days off (4 in total) exactly at these dates. We can easily wait and see which dates are suitable for most of the people that will attend. 

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