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Got a deal with limited 1913-1983 50Summilux, should I?

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Hi there.

My friend offer me a mint black 50summilux limited version 1913-1983 (ver2) with the price $2500. Should I exchange my summicron 50v5 to this Lux?Of course I need to pay extra money. Anyone using 50Summilux ver2 please give me review about this lens, how about its quality compare to 50cron? I shoot only film with my LeicaMP.

Thanks in advance.



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Don't think I'd swap a good Summicron for an "oldish" Summilux...particularly if it going to need some cash in the exchange.  Have you heard " don't deal with friends".

Buu..ut it might be a fabbo deal. Some of the oldies are nice, and you say mint.  

How much cash involved?  If it's "one milwion dollars"..I say no...😄


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If you love the classic rendering of older M lenses, this might be a good lens to have - but I would  only make the trade if the Summilux is in super duper minty condition.

Think about how and what you photograph - does your Summicron repeatedly leave you needing more speed?  Do you get painted into a corner in terms of shutter speed?  Do you shoot faster emulsions like Tri-X or HP5?  Do you ever push your film?  What I'm getting at is this:  Think about whether you actually need the extra stop of speed that the Summilux would give you.

It is easy to get a case of GAS and become infatuated with fast lenses like the Summiluxes (I'm guilty of that, too).  If you like the rendering that your v.5 Summicron gives you and you can easily get by without f/1.4, think carefully before trading up to the 50 Summilux. 

But if you just want the Summilux and affording it is doable - and the trade makes sense - take the plunge. 


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As Summilux-M pre-asph. 50mm lover, I'd swap in your place.

Summicron is easy to find, later if you change your mind.

50mm Lux pre-asph. is so good balance on MP and they give me nice pictures over time.



Long time ago, I had one (not the 1913-1983 model) and sold it,

regret made me searching one "like the old", and discovered some more models

that I couldn't resist 🥰


Now I have three units with same optical cell (different coatings) and what I appreciate

most "round aperture" at all stops in place of octogonal shape of Summicron IV or V



That said, I also have two pretty "last Silver Summicron" (octogonal aperture not seen in this picture 😉)




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