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"Vader" Certainly Isn't Any Prettier

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I have the Z7 and A7R3 as well, plus the S1R. In real world shooting there's little difference between them. When pushed the Z7 is *slightly* better at low ISO. It does especially well at ISO 64. The A7R3 handles high ISO noise very slightly better than the other two. But the A7R3 very occasionally suffers from banding due to the PDAF points on the sensor. But it only shows occasionally. The S1R has a slight dip in DR between 250 and 640 but roughly equivalent at ISO 100. But it retains a bit mo

I sincerely hope that the Japanese website is wrong about the new "dumbed down" fixed/labelled function rear button layout. The original programmable/unlabelled 4 button layout of the SL was one of the best things about the SL and along with the configurable other buttons, made the SL really stand out from the crowd of "me too" DSLR cameras, when it became the first high end mirrorless. It is why in spite of its weight, I still prefer using the SL to the CL. Changing to a fixed button layout wou

original image with S1R+90-280 SL Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!

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1 hour ago, bags27 said:

Which is precisely why just last week I grabbed a very slightly used TL 11-23. Keeping that and the 55-135; otherwise, all M and R mounts, though, like nicci, I suspect I may eventually weaken for an L prime.

The trio of TL zooms are excellent but quite slow. However paired with SL2 IBIS, they may be the best bang for the buck in Leica world. 


On the other hand the trio of SL zooms + Summilux-SL look quite out of place. Like four elephants in a porcelain shop. 

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36 minutes ago, nicci78 said:

The trio of TL zooms are excellent but quite slow. However paired with SL2 IBIS, they may be the best bang for the buck in Leica world. 


On the other hand the trio of SL zooms + Summilux-SL look quite out of place. Like four elephants in a porcelain shop. 

I'm definitely accentuating thread drift here, but.... I think the 11-23 and 55-135 are faster and significantly better than the 18-56, which is fine, but not as good and quite slow at the portraiture end. I swapped my 18-56, which I found I rarely used, for the 11-23. On an SL2, I think a fast 35 M mount lens is a better all-arounder than the 18-56.

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Lack of weather sealing on TL lenses would be a deal breaker for my intended use on SL2, despite obvious size/weight advantages. The 24-90, despite its heft, remains an option for my shooting needs, but the size (with added lack of internal focusing) is troubling.  Shame Leica doesn’t produce some smaller native options, even if slower and/or with narrower focal length range.  The X1DII system remains attractive in part for this reason, but its lack of either OIS or IBIS offsets other benefits.  Can’t have it all, apparently.


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40 minutes ago, bags27 said:

Panasonic and Sigma are also rolling out weather proof L mount lenses. 

True, but I choose a system in part based on native lens options, particularly for core use.  If I buy into the SL system, however, I would definitely consider the Lumix 70-200 ‘Pro’ in lieu of the monster SL 90-280 as a secondary lens, regardless of the stellar performance of the latter.  For broader Lumix lens use, I’d consider the S1R rather than the SL2.  Good to have choices nonetheless.


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vor 50 Minuten schrieb Donzo98:

The thought of it...

In addition to the fact that the SL glass is better in terms of IQ.

Doesn’t bother me a bit.  Renouncing the superior optical performance of the SL primes bothers me more.  The 55-135 TL is a stunner, though.  But it’s a bit slow and requires high ISO for fast shutter speed in order to avoid camera shake at the long end.  The SL2 with IBIS is just what the doctor ordered for this lens. 

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    • By silverbacklabs
      Hi there,
      I am attempting to repair the battery terminal for the light meter on my SL2, which corroded and snapped off some years ago. I have seen a repair video for the same issue on an SL model on YouTube  and it certainly looks achievable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXSjrAUj0EQ
      I am having trouble removing the bottom casing though. After removing the 2 screws and either end of the body, it's clear it is still fastened in the middle, however there is no drive hole to unscrew inside the tripod mount. It's possible that it has been stripped off if it's soft aluminium. I have attempted with a Robertson bits and Hex bits and there is nothing in there to grip - but I can also see that there is nothing to grip....
      Is it different between the SL and SL2... or if it has been stripped, is there any other way to remove the screw/cover?
      Thanks in advance...

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    • By tedwill
      I'm planning a trip next year to Iceland.  Mainly, I'll be shooting landscape and Northern lights Photos.  I'll be taking a class and traveling with a small group of students and an instructor.  
      I currently have an M10R and a 50 Summilux, 21 Super Elmar and a 35 Summilux.  I will most likely take that as the backup since the weather can be cold and rainy.  If it's nice out, I'll certainly use the M10R and especially the 21 for landscape shots.  However, I am told by the instructor that I will need a weather proof body and lenses.  
      I am planning on renting an SL2 (or maybe buying one, taking advantage of the deal with the free M adapter to use my M lenses) and renting a short, medium and longer focal length lens - 90-280, 24-70 f/2.8, etc for the beautiful landscape of Iceland - mountains, waterfalls, etc.
      However for the night time Northern Lights photos. I know that using a wide lens with a fast aperture is highly recommended. Since the SL2 is part of the L family, I was thinking Panasonic or Sigma for something wide and fast.
      First question - I've done a lot of research and and actually shot the Northern Lights when they came as far south as Michigan in 2004.  I used a full frame Canon DSLR and the 16-35mm f/2.8, set it to ISO 200 with a 30 second exposure and got some pretty decent photos.  However, I'd be curious what you have used in the past to capture the Northern Lights.
      What is the ideal L lens for shooting the Northern Lights in Iceland?  
      Any help is greatly appreciated.
    • By BlackDoc
      In meinem fotographischen Einzugsgebiet liegt der Harz, und gestern versprach der Himmel zum wiederholten Male spannend zu werden. Anders als sonst hatte ich aber Zeit und auch die Chance noch einmal "auszurücken" (die Tour mit der Berliner Truppe um Hartmut aka @hartgraefkonnte ich im Juni ja leider nicht begleiten...) Gesagt getan, Sachen gepackt und im niedersächsischen Starkregen und Gewitter los ins Ilsetal. Als Ziel hatte ich mir in der Hoffnung von Nebelbänken den Ilse FELSEN überlegt, von wo man einen Bli ck über den bewaldeten Teil des Tales bis zum Brocken hat/ haben kann. 
      Vom Parkplatz aus recht schnell nach links noch vor Erreichen der Ilse in den Wald war ich dann einigermaßen überrascht,  dass die Wege gesperrt waren. Der Borkenkäfer und die Witterung/ Stürme haben eben doch deutlich mehr Spuren hinterlassen an den Bäumen als so manchem lieb ist.

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!  
      Entsprechend der doch eindeutig erhöhten Gefahr auf diesem Weg (im Hang liegen ungesicherte Stämme) hab ich mir angesichts des Wetters einen anderen (längeren) Weg gesucht um Zum Ziel zu kommen. Ich hab auch da ne ordentliche Packung Regen abbekommen, aber das ist sicher besser als Baumstämme....
    • By pele2010
      Hey , 
      I can't find an angle viewfinder for the SL2.
      How do you manage to make low or high angle picture without using your phone. 
      Is there any DIY that you can recommend? 
      And apart of this: 
      is there a menu point to mirror the image of the camera? If so we could just use a mirror or something reflective 
      as a mirror. 
      And yes I know that you can take the picture and alter the framing. But sometimes its quit nice to see what you are doing.
      I am enjoying both methods but I would like to achieve the method with more control. 
      Curious how you solve this challenge. 
      kind regards Peter
    • By chris_tribble
      This may seem a bit obvious, but after having followed a general principle of having a 2 minute auto power off, and being left with 50% power after a day's walking and maybe 60 images, I decided to switch to a 10 second auto power off, and I'm finding I still have a full bar indicated after the same kind of use.  If you've been unhappy with battery-life, I'd recommend playing with the power-off settings and seeing what improvements you can make.  For information, I'm not experiencing significant start up delays either.  Just touch the shutter button and everything's good to go pretty well immediately.
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