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MM1 Value Increasing

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On 9/6/2019 at 4:31 AM, fotografr said:

Are those prices being shown on eBay? If so that might just be where bids currently are. Where did you see these?

You can actually look back at the actual historical eBay selling prices - on your filter  select sold items and you can see those that sold and I’m pretty sure that ( just been to have a look and yes it shows selling prices ) 

eBay Prices in the UK are around £3K for the CCD and £3.8K for the CMOS. 

Prices have increased as I bought my Monochrom (CCD) for £2.3K and sold it ( needed the cash ) for £2K 

This was during 2018!   I hate the fact I sold it I regret it all the time not because of the increase in value but because I love the CCD sensor.


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Case in point, there's currently a silver MM1 with new sensor listed on the classifieds on this forum for the US dollar equivalent of just over $4100.

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I guess I was just really lucky. Have wanted a silver MM1 since they were first released, but $7999 was WAY out of my price range. Lusted for the camera for years, but figured it wasn't meant to be. Then last year I came across a private seller who had the camera, with less than 5000 clicks, in pristine condition with all original packaging, but a corroded sensor. He was asking $2600. I called Leica and was able to get the camera in to them a day before the price for sensor replacement increased. They replaced the sensor, and tuned it up, and now it's like a brand new $7999 camera. Definitely a KEEPER, and I hope to have it till my photo making days come to an end.



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