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Used m240 vs m262?


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I want to step into the world of Leica. I have examined a number of different models and finally I was able to reduce it to two m240 and m262. I am not very interested in video functions, I only want to take pure pictures. Only thing I'm interested to be good at dynamic range and image quality. As far as I read, the sensor is similar but I couldn't find official statements.

The prices are similiar m240 (3000euro) vs m262 (2900euro). Can you give me suggestion which one I should choose?

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Biggest differences: M240 has anti-alias filter; M262 does not. M240 shoots video and has wifi; M262 - no video, no wifi. The sensors, far as I know are the same. The M262 was released a little over three years after the M240, so more "modern" maybe. Both are same size and same weight, same LCD screen. Don't know about the menus.

I never shoot video and I do not know how robust or useful the wifi in the M240 is. I do prefer not to have an anti-alias filter. The filter can reduce moire patterns but at the cost of reduced resolution potential. 

You can research all of these differences here and elsewhere. I ended up buying an M-D 262. No rear screen, no menus, no video. Similar to using my M7.

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I use the two, so in your place I'd go for the M(typ 262), if you don't need video.

- simplified camera, so less functions and less menu (only two pages menu)

- a bit less shutter noise with M262, M240 is not noisy but in my use M262 has less shutter vibrations also when use slow shutter (1/15s)

- battery last longer if not use the rear LCD for each picture

- renderings are the same in final pictures, I think same sensor for the two


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41 minutes ago, Hicks said:

Only consideration for m240 over an M262 is if you want to use lenses wider than 28mm. M240 has live view. M262 does not so you will need accessory finder. 

What kind of accessory should I need use to take pictures <28mm ?

For example, can I use this stuff

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On 8/5/2019 at 5:06 AM, ChicagoMatthew said:

I’m shooting an M10 and an M240 and the M10 consistently nails white balance and the 240 is very hit or miss... is anyone else experiencing this as well? 

Honestly I don’t understand why there is such a difference. I feel like the white balance could be improved via firmware. 


On 9/4/2019 at 4:23 PM, jaapv said:

I'm afraid you have it wrong: the M 240 has no AA filter either.

Or Wi-Fi 

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On 9/6/2019 at 4:04 PM, jcraf said:

I think Nicci78 probably meant that the M240 add-on EVF is poor.  Which it is.

I would not call it poor. I would call it adequate for the generation of the camera. It was not cutting edge but it did what it had to do. 

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