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Profiles foe screwount lenses on the CL

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I have a screw mount I use for macro photography that I set the camera to Unknown. Works perfect. Rarely need to correct lens during editing 

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Tried to hand code my 35/3.5 Elmar and Tessar LTM lenses with 6-bit Kipon and Metabone adapters, to no avail at all. They work fine as Unknown lenses though. 

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Far as I'm aware, there's no way to "write" a profile and add it to what's in the camera firmware.

Using the latest Rayqual LTM->M adapter, I was able to set the Leica code I wanted for my Pentax-L 43mm f/1.9 Special and Color-Skopar 28mm f/3.5 so that they do automatic recognition. The latest Rayqual adapters have a recessed area that you can paint the codes in with a CraftSmart oil-based paint pen.

It has to be said that the corrections applied to either of these lenses via the profiles are very subtle and not really necessary at all. I use the Voigtländer HyperWide 10mm f/5.6 without any corrections. 


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