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Is this the end?

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Firmware updates are provided as needed. If Leica doesn't see a need there will be no update.  Sometimes there are even  updates for cameras that are out of production. So there is absolutely no correlation between firmware updates and the fate of a camera model.

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1 hour ago, wingedb11 said:

Don‘t know how others fell. But just saw that there is a new Firmware for the CL but nothing for the TL2 and this since a while. Communications turn primarily around CL. Is the T-series dead?

What are you expecting new firmware to do?

BTW my TL2 is not dead. It still takes great pictures.

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I am sure that Leica will support T, TL and TL2 as long as needed. New L-mount alliance lenses may requires firmware tweaks in the future. 

Of course they can drop T and TL support.

With the CL, I am pretty sure that Leica will not see any interest to pursue the T experiment. There will be a CL2 one day, but TL3 may never see the light.

2017 was the transition year for APS-C from EVFless X fixed 35mm equivalent lens & fully touch operated TL cameras to more traditional controlled camera the CL with EVF

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Some people will never put their eye to a viewfinder. Don't ask my wife or my daughter to do ridicule things like that. It's good for me when i want to play with my toys they say. There are smartphones for them but they don't mind to use a "true" camera from time to time, read a chimping machine that all camera makers are still offering to them. Cameras like TL2 and hopefully TL3 are made for people like that but also serious photographers looking for discretion. Me? Thanks no thanks i prefer my toys :D. 

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It seems that people have become so accustomed to other folks holding up a cell phone they just don't notice it anymore, where holding a camera to your face is now a less often seen gesture and thus conspicuous. 

While departing for my recent trip, I was extremely amused when going through security. It was way early, there were hardly any people in the security line at all. I was told I must have some large electronic device in my bag, and any electronic device bigger than a cell phone had to be pulled out for inspection. I pulled out the Polaroid SX-70 and the guy was nonplussed. He was likely about 22 years old...

"What the heck is that?" 

"Um, a camera..."

"Really?!? Where's the lens..?" 

So I opened it up and took a photo of the guy, handed it to him. "It's just a simple 1975 film camera. What little it has in electronics to run the meter and the shutter is far far far less powerful than your Fitbit watch." 

He gawked: the image was starting to appear on the print. "I've never seen anything like it before! That's fantastic! ... Can I keep the picture?" 

"It's yours," I smiled. Wish I'd made two. :D

Conspicuity plays on people's expectations. You don't have to hide to be inconspicuous, you just have to stay inside the actions/motions that people expect. 

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Remembering my photo 101 class, having the eye to the viewfinder steadies the camera, 2 arms and an eye to the viewfinder makes a tripod. Anyway I always thought cameras you have to use the LCD were sort of absurd, yeah I drank the kool aid. We stopped at the Wild center in northern New York state. They had a trout exhibit, dark area, ISO 1600, 7 Artisans 55 f1.4 at f1.4 1/20 of a second, could never do this with the camera held with 2 hands. Not a great picture but I like challenges.

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With the CL you can use the viewfinder or the rear screen. 

Best of both world 

I found the silver T too shiny and too wide. Even with tiny Elmarit-TL 18mm. It makes people wondered. Almost everybody look at it. May be the beautiful design ? May it be more discreet in black ? 

However I never got all these stares with any M, Q or CL cameras. Either in black or silver 


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